Just Another Rainy Day

Portland has been getting a lot of rain lately, more than I can handle (and I love the rain). I am convinced that once April arrives the rain will disappear and the sunshine will dominate the sky!

When Tim and I woke up this morning the sky showed promise. It was cloudy but the sun was trying desperately to make an appearance. We decided to take our chances and go hiking. We stopped at Food Fight to pick up some snacks and headed toward the Clackamas River. The sky darkened, wind swirled, and then it rained, steady and determined. We debated heading back home but eventually decided we would hike in the rain if we had to. Lucky for us, the rain settled enough for us to enjoy some time outdoors and the beautiful colors of spring:

And, despite trekking through several inches of mud, we had the trails all to ourselves. When we arrived back in Portland, the sun was out for a few memorable minutes! We heated up leftovers (effortless cooking!) and watched The Simpsons, all the while daydreaming about hiking in the sunshine soon:

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9 thoughts on “Just Another Rainy Day

  1. I love to live vicariously through your pictures! I feel like such an avid hiker tagging along with you and Tim :) That waterfall is so cool!

  2. Your photos are absolutely gorgeous. My husband doesn’t “get” the bowl thing. I eat everything out of a bowl..and often with a spoon…even if it’s not the appropriate utensil.

  3. I can understand getting sick of constant rain but it’s the rain that makes Portland so lush and fresh and green. Plus, hiking trails all to yourselves is nice. I’m totally jealous and agree with everyone else – beautiful photos.

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