Cracker Snacker

Graham Crackers from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar

Crackers. I have a troubling obsession with crackers. It doesn’t matter if they are square or round. It doesn’t matter if they are savory or sweet. What matters is that they are in my possession, whether that be in my pockets or in a box. I love crackers.

When I woke up this morning I decided it would be fun to make some graham crackers. My plans were halted by a lack of ingredients. So Tim and I waited patiently until the steady downpour of rain stopped and hopped on our bikes for a ride to the co-op. A few minutes later we found ourselves riding into solid sheets of rain mixed with nasty gusts of wind. I like to think I’m a tough cookie, but I was clenching my handlebars so tightly that my fingers went numb. We arrived at the co-op and dripped puddles with every step. We rode back home in the rain with ingredients for crackers. I spent the rest of the day in my jammies making graham crackers and cheesy crackers.

Now I am full of crackers and quite content. Foul weather can’t keep me from crackers.