Back to the Future (of Brownies)

I haven’t posted much about my brownie book lately. Writing a book that focuses on variations of only one dessert can become repetitive and boring. I am taking my time so that the allure of brownies remains exciting. Plus it’s easy to lose focus when the weather is warm, sunny, and welcoming! I created a new recipe this past week, and also retested an old favorite, making a few small adjustments.

Gluten-Free Banana Cream Pie Brownies – These treasures consist of a thick, fudgy brownie base topped with rich banana custard, coconut whipped cream, and frozen banana slices. There are plenty of healthy, wholesome ingredients in these brownies so there is no need to feel guilty for eating two. They received thumbs-up approval from my taste testers.

Chunky Cookie Brownies - I have made several variations of this brownie over the last seven months. I am the type of person who constantly changes a recipe until I am completely satisfied. And then once I am satisfied, I alter the recipe again because I change my mind! It’s a never-ending battle with brownie perfection. These sturdy brownies are studded with lots of crushed Newman O sandwich cookies. Extra cookies are smooshed into the top of the brownies right before baking. Two treats in one can be dangerous, but desserts are integral to our well-being so it’s okay.

I have plans for more brownie development in the next few weeks. I’m thinking PB&J Brownies and German Chocolate Brownies… What kind of brownies would YOU like to see? I can’t share too many sneak preview recipes yet since my testing phase is mighty strict, but I did post a recipe for s’mores-like brownies here. Happy Weekend!

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17 thoughts on “Back to the Future (of Brownies)

  1. You had me at banana custard…
    Love your creative brownie ideas. Isn’t that book published yet? ;). I’m drooling in anticipation!
    How about banana split brownies? Neopolitan brownies? Tiramisu brownies? Kaluha brownies? You could totally make brownies the new “cupcake”. Let the revolution begin!

    • Ooooooh, I love the ginger chunks idea. I made Gingerbread Brownies without the chunks but those would be a wonderful addition! I also made Mexican Spice Brownies but I’m still reworking that recipe :)

  2. I don’t even like bananas in desserts (yeah, I know…), but those banana cream pie babies sound & look so yummy!

    One of my favorite cupcakes include garam masala, giving them this awesome spicy-chocolate blend. I bet brownies with that flavor combination would be rockin’!

  3. I think you need a spicey brownie!! Something with dark chocolate and chipotle/cayanne and cinnamon……maybe a “creamy” frosting ontop to cool it down.

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