Oh Pizza, How I Love You

Did you know that yesterday was the first annual Vegan Pizza Day? I think it’s exciting that vegan pizza now has its own holiday. I’m surprised it took so long but happy to partake in the celebration of one of my favorite foods. I can’t imagine not liking pizza – you can cater the crust and toppings to suit your needs. Pizza is so flexible!

Last night Tim and I made two pizzas. We usually only make one pizza but I really wanted leftovers (which have now been demolished). We opted for two very different pizzas:

Spicy Pineapple & Tempeh Crumbles Pizza

Veggie Pizza with Daiya

The Spicy Pineapple & Tempeh Crumbles pizza (topping recipe from The Complete Guide to Vegan Food Substitutions) was made with a whole grain crust. I even added a hefty tablespoon of chia seeds to the dough for a nice dose of Omega 3’s. The topping is a mixture of sauteed tempeh, Indian spices, pineapple bits, and spinach. It was a nice balance of spicy and sweet. The next time I make this pizza I might drizzle a coconut curry sauce over the top before baking.

The Veggie Pizza was pretty basic – spelt crust, homemade marinara, red bell peppers, black olives, broccoli, and Daiya. I am not a big fan of Daiya but I do appreciate that it is soy-free.

We sprinkled ground chipotle flakes and cashew crumbles (a mixture of finely ground nutritional yeast and cashews) on top of our slices and watched Revenge of the Nerds IV while we ate. Lame movie (but I did laugh a few times), good pizza. Hooray for Vegan Pizza Day!

My birthday is coming up this week and Tim has agreed to make me Purple Cow Cupcakes. Stay tuned for photos! It is supposed to be sunny and in the mid 50’s on my birthday so there might be some worthwhile adventures happening to celebrate my ever-increasing old age.

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14 thoughts on “Oh Pizza, How I Love You

  1. ah! i had NO IDEA it was vegan pizza day!! we made pizza too, but i have no pics. yours looks delish! i love pizzzaaa….
    we also watched a goofy movie – “modern problems” – but i admit that i curled up to fall asleep shortly after i ate my slices.

  2. Pizza! I’m so excited about trying your crust-technique this week (I’m easily amused?). Revenge of the Nerds? Goodness, that’s some serious cinema! ;)
    You’re birthday is coming up? Squee!!!! Tim better spoil you rotten!

  3. I actually knew it was vegan pizza day, but sadly enough I didn’t eat any.. There’s no vegan pizza here (well, if you don’t count the “vegetarian pizzas without cheese” but I only find that sad) and I don’t have any oven. I will have to make up for it later!

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