Chive Talkin’

Six months ago you couldn’t have paid me to eat chives. I grew up with a serious aversion to onions and anything that was related to or smelled like an onion. I was a pro at detecting the teeniest bit of onion in my meals. I created art forms with the neglected piles of onions on my plate. It’s been a few years since I introduced the mighty onion into my world, willingly. I can touch, chop, and cook onions all by myself now (and eat them!). However, icky chives were still on my list of gag-inducing foods – that is until I was making recipes for Isa’s Appetite for Destruction cookbook in July 2010. One of the recipes taught me to love chives.

The recipe that gave chives such a positive reputation? Green Goddess Dressing. I was making extra batches of this stuff last summer to sustain myself. If somebody dared me to drink a glass of Green Goddess Dressing I would not hesitate. Really. Out of the blue today I remembered my love for Green Goddess Dressing. Imagine my excitement when I discovered all the necessary ingredients were stocked in my kitchen! The dressing comes together quickly and requires very little effort. It even has a healthy dose of tahini in it! I chopped up a cucumber and doused it with dressing:

Do you see the little owls on the bowl? They like Green Goddess Dressing too.


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7 thoughts on “Chive Talkin’

  1. Oh, I’m definitely going to have to try that. I’ve been meaning to step out of my boring little oil and vinegar dressing box and try whipping up something new.

    As far as chives go, I have always been a fan. Especially on baked potatoes!

  2. I got that cookbook for christmas! I was just sitting in the kitchen flipping through, looking for recipes to try :)

    I’ll admit, I love chives. I tried growing some but they didn’t make it. I’m going to try again this season though, fresh chives are so delicious.

  3. I didn’t know you were a tester for AFD! I am so jealous! I still haven’t managed to get a copy of that one.
    So glad you’ve come to the onion-side, and those owls seem to agree!

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