Winter Wonderland

Sadly it didn’t really snow much in Portland today (but there were flakes falling for maybe 10 minutes!). The photo above is from a snowshoe trip Tim and I took this afternoon. We chose a short 5-6 mile trail that passes two lakes. This is Upper Twin Lake. We enjoyed complete solitude until the last mile of the trail. It was freezing, but worth every step! We were visited by several Gray Jays, one who happily perched on a branch for at least 15 minutes while I snapped his photo (with ever-increasing numb fingers):

I love how you can see his little feet poking out from under his fluffed-up feathers. So sweet!

After snowshoeing, we drove back to Portland so we could head over to Herbivore to meet Melisser, the author of The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life. I filled my pockets with crackers (it’s a terrible addiction, me and the cracker) from the snack table and chatted briefly with Melisser and Kittee. Kittee made some incredible cookies for the book signing event:

Carrot Cake Cookies with Candied Ginger and Cream Cheese Frosting! Oooooh yeah. The recipe is adapted from a great little cookbook called Cookies for Everyone. Check out Kittee’s post on the cookies because her photos are much better and super close-up so you can experience cookie envy.



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8 thoughts on “Winter Wonderland

  1. I gotta say, I love your food photos but what keeps me coming back are your nature photos. I lived along Lake Erie, too! (Cleveland) I now live in southern CA and miss snow. Your beautiful shots make me want to move to Oregon. Please keep them coming!

    • Thank you! I miss snow too. My partner grew up in Cleveland and we always talk about what winters were like when we were kids. It’s nice to have snowy mountains nearby, but it would be fun to play in a backyard full of snow again (child at heart!)!

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