Soup it Up

It’s no secret that chilly weather and soup complement one another nicely. I love soup for two main reasons:  (1) it is incredibly easy to make, and (2) you can enjoy it with bread/rolls. I suppose the fact that it is nurturing, warming, and delicious helps too.

I gave Tim a copy of Vegan Soul Kitchen by Bryant Terry for Christmas and we have been enjoying some of the recipes over the last few weeks. One of our favorites was the Potato Rosemary Soup. We halved the recipe and had enough for several meals. The portions were generous too. Yukon potatoes made the soup a beautiful, bright yellow and the subtle rosemary flavor was just perfect. If you own Vegan Soul Kitchen, I recommend making this soup – it’s thick, creamy, filling, and fantastic! Tim used to hate soup and every time we make soup he claims the current bowl his new favorite. Right now, this soup is his favorite.

Hope you are all keeping warm and cozy (at least in the Northern hemisphere)!