Which Way to the Whales

Winter is the time of year when whales migrate south to warmer waters (for birthing and mating) and the Oregon coast is a great place to spot them in their travels. Several years ago Tim and I were hiking on the coast and Tim spotted a whale off in the (far) distance. At the time, we didn’t know it was whale migrating season. It was awesome because we had complete solitude while we ate our lunch and watched whales!

We decided over the weekend that another whale watching experience was necessary. So, on Monday we drove to the Oregon coast with fingers crossed. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot a single whale (it requires keen eyes and patience). The weather was beautiful though, sunny and relatively warm. We made good use of our time by hiking on near-empty beaches, exploring tide pools, taking lots of pictures, and snacking on homemade bagels with savory spread. We even found a tiny natural foods store in one coastal town that was stocked with vegan treasures!! They even had Newman O’s but I restrained myself!! Overall it was a relaxing, peaceful, fulfilling day.

I am determined to spot some whales when they migrate back to Alaskan waters in March.