Rewinding 365 Days

With 2010 quickly departing, I thought it might be fun to look back on my adventures over the last twelve months. I’ve never written a “Year in Review” post before because my commitment to blogging isn’t exactly gold star worthy, but it might be nice to end the year with some enthusiasm for 2011!

January 2010

Ooooops! I didn’t write a single post in January 2010. But, that doesn’t mean life was dull! I made Tim cupcakes for his 33rd birthday and we had no trouble eating the entire dozen by ourselves (not all at once of course!):

We also went out to dinner with friends at Portobello Vegan Trattoria. This was a special day because we rarely go out to eat.

February 2010

I turned 33 in February. Tim made me a gorgeous cake:

I also baked up a storm for Portland’s Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti, took part in Chicago Soy Dairy’s Teese Challenge two times, and volunteered at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary.

March 2010

In March, Tim and I attended a lecture given by Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project. She is a true inspiration to me and I take advantage of every opportunity to hear her speak about food justice and veganism. We also had a visit from Tim’s family. We spent a lot of time with his sister, Liz:

We took her to several fun Oregon landmarks, including Multnomah Falls:

And we fed her yummy vegan waffle sandwiches from FlavourSpot:

Finally, Tim and I went on a gorgeous hike near Mt. Saint Helen’s:

April 2010

To celebrate Earth Day, I wrote a lengthy post about how we can all reduce our impact on the planet. Tim and I went on hike and encountered some snow:

But, we made it to the top and enjoyed expansive views, especially of Mt. Saint Helens:

I was also testing recipes for Celine and Joni’s forthcoming (third!!!) cookbook:

May 2010

In May, I participated in another vegan bake sale, this time helping to raise money for Galapagos Preservation Society. I made brownies and pizza rolls!

Tim and I also went on LOTS of bike rides – as a result, I built up my endurance for longer rides:

Tim and I also took a nice trip to Seattle for a friend’s art show and continued on to the Olympic Peninsula for more adventure.

June 2010

June was an incredibly busy month with plenty of backpacking, Portland’s Run for Congo Women, Vegan Iron Chef 2010, and the Let Live Animal Rights Conference 2010. I think June was the best month for animal/human rights activism. It was a good month.

July 2010

July marked a major turning point for me in my life. I impulsively quit my job after five years as a legal assistant. I was dreadfully unhappy and unfulfilled. It was a smart decision. I put my mental health above financial security. I have been struggling with depression for the last ten years and quitting my job put me one step closer to letting happiness into my life. Tim and I immediately celebrated with a backpacking vacation. It was awesome. We also went cherry picking, I announced that I was writing a vegan brownie cookbook, I opened an Etsy shop called Chirp Cards, and attended a summer open house at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary:

August 2010

August was an exciting, productive month for me. I worked with the absolutely wonderful Isa Moskowitz to help with cooking, cleaning, and photo shoot preparation for her newest cookbook, Appetite for Reduction. I learned a lot from Isa and had a blast helping her. It was one of the greatest highlights of my summer. If you don’t own this book yet, make it your New Year’s resolution to purchase it, cook from it, and take naps with it.

I was also hard at work creating brownie recipes despite an over-heating oven and sky high temperatures outdoors. I spent more time at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary as well.

September 2010

September resulted in more backpacking adventures, Portland’s Veg Fest, a Dandies Challenge, a visit to new vegan food cart in Portland, and bike rides to our favorite places:

October 2010

October was a pretty mellow month. Tim and I took advantage of free time and went hiking:

We also went to Portland’s annual Apple Fest and bought close to 20 pounds of local apples:

And, we attended another volunteer work party at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary.

November 2010

November was another busy month. I made a new friend and we spent MANY hours together cooking, baking, and eating. I participated in Vegan MoFo and posted every day for the entire month – a big accomplishment for me! To check out all of my MoFo posts, click here. Tim and I went on three hikes, including one with my dad when he visited us early in the month. I also taught myself yoga!

Tim, our friend Kittee, and I also participated in the annual Fur Free Friday march in downtown Portland. The march protested wearing, buying, and creating fur apparel. It was a peaceful, educational, and effective protest.

December 2010

December brought a temporary halt to my brownie cookbook. My motivation plummeted and I was making a lot of cards to keep my Etsy shop full. Bike riding slowed a bit as well since wind, rain, and gloomy weather dominated most days. Baking took up most of my time, but we managed to enjoy a few baked treats made by others too!

We celebrated Christmas Eve with friends and lots of pizza. I got a new camera lens from Tim so expect some exciting photos next year!

I have a nice list of goals for 2011, so stay tuned for a post about what I hope to accomplish!

Happy New Year everybody!!!

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6 thoughts on “Rewinding 365 Days

  1. What a lovely retrospective! The pictures are gorgeous (as usual!), and I thoroughly enjoyed living vicariously through you during the course of the last year :)

    Hope you have a happy & healthy New Year!

  2. I can’t tell you how much I enjoyed this post. :) It seems you had quite an eventful year! I wish you luck on all your endeavors for the upcoming year. Oh, and god do I want to be your Portland neighbor more than anything! Lookit those gorgeous photos… especially the one from Flavor Spot. ;P

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