National Cupcake Day!

Did you know that today is National Cupcake Day? I definitely appreciate a “holiday” dedicated to one of my favorite sweet treats! To celebrate, Tim and I rode our bikes over to Back to Eden Bakery Boutique in NE Portland. Back to Eden is one of Portland’s all-vegan bakeries and probably my favorite – the baked treats are absolutely gorgeous (and yummy, of course)! There were two cupcake options when we arrived: Pistachio Vanilla Bean and Chocolate Marionberry. We decided it would be best to try both:

Here is what happens to cupcakes when you transport them home via bike:

Oooops! They got a little smooshed despite my care when putting them into a container and then wrapping the container in my winter cap and then putting the whole shebang into my messenger bag. They still tasted amazing, really amazing. I heard that some Hazelnut Mocha cupcakes arrived at Back to Eden after we left. Might have to make a second trip to fully celebrate National Cupcake Day…!!!

Now, go eat a cupcake :)