“V” is for Vegan Recipes I Love

Posting every day this month has been quite a challenge! I have some fun ideas for when I reach the end of the alphabet though, so it’s worth the effort. Don’t fall off the Vegan MoFo tracks just yet because I promise you a bit of adventure in the last few days!!

Today’s post was going to be Vidalia Onion Bread and then I got lazy and decided to do Vanilla Chocolate Swirl Cookies. I made the cookies, but changed my mind one more time. I’ve been suffering from laziness I suppose… I am settling for sharing some of my favorite vegan recipes instead. This is a pictorial post with links.

In no particular order, here we go!

Cranberry Chili from the massive 500 Vegan Recipes. I had the ultimate pleasure of being a recipe tester for two (Celine and Joni) of the most talented vegan women I know. This chili recipe is ace. Pair it with a side of corn bread (another recipe from the book!) and you have a complete meal.

Apricot Scones from Go Dairy Free. I wrote a review of this book on my blog last year if you’d like to read it. These scones are the perfect accompaniment to a steaming cup of tea. They are subtly sweet with a soft crumb. I have fond memories of baking scones while backpacking in New Zealand with Tim. We carried an Outback Oven and that made crafting pizza, brownies, and scones on the trail incredibly easy. We met three brothers who were hiking the same trail as us and we made a big batch of scones for everybody. The brothers were elated! They kept shouting “Scones!” in their lovely New Zealand accents. Such good memories…

Seitan Gyros from Vegan Express. Speedy meals are important when you’ve had a rough day. I especially enjoy these gyros in the summertime, but honestly, they are great year-round. If you have some homemade pita bread and tzatziki sauce, you’re all set!

Maple-Mustard-Chili Tofu from the Swell cookzine. Normally, I tend to avoid eating soy products in abundance, but this recipe pleases me so much. It’s simple. I love eating it with greens and grains for a filling, colorful meal. Besides, we all need savory slabs of tasty tofu now and again, right?!

Curried Pumpkin Soup with White Wine and Seitan from Seitan is My Motor. I am pretty crazy about this smoky, warming, flavorful soup. It’s hearty so make a big batch on a cold night and get cozy watching movies, slurping soup, and chatting with a loved one.

Chocolate Tahini Tea Cake another recipe from 500 Vegan Recipes. It’s no secret that I love tahini given the name of my blog! I eat tahini straight from the jar. Putting a healthy dose of tahini in baked goods is brilliant and delicious.

Twisted Snicksters. You already know that I love tahini, pizza, noodles, and brownies. But, did you know that I also love cookies? Well I do! This snickerdoodle recipe is one of my own (adapted from a combination of favorite snick recipes). Cookie baking season is upon us and these are prefect for snarfing down while you try to avoid the consumer-driven chaos of the holidays. Hide in the closet with a batch and wait out the nonsense.

I have loads more recipes I want to share, but my computer is acting shifty and slow. This is a good start though :)

What are some of your favorite vegan recipes?



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2 thoughts on ““V” is for Vegan Recipes I Love

  1. Adventure you say? Goodness, I can’t wait.
    Those are all amoung my favourite recipes – I’m so silly because I love cookbooks and enjoy the inspiration, but I so often just make my own “stuff”, just spontaneous making of food in the kitchen. Not very organised, but yummy.

  2. Wow, thanks for including my recipe in this list! I thank you very much :-) Everything else looks so tasty, too…I need to try some of these out seeing as I have most of these cookbooks myself.

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