“N” is for New Age Spotted Dick

Today’s post is about a traditional British dessert or pudding called Spotted Dick. While the name is quite humorous and slightly perverse, I can assure you that this dessert is completely innocent. Unfortunately, my attempt at veganizing the recipe from the mighty 1,000 Chocolate, Baking & Dessert Recipes didn’t work very well. It was a lesson in always following your gut instincts. When I was putting the sponge dough into the prepared baking dish, I though to myself, “This seems kind of thick… But, since I’ve never baked New Age Spotted Dick before, I’ll leave it be.” Turns out, I should have adjusted my measurements because the sauce that is supposed to fill the middle of the dessert stayed on top instead. Don’t get me wrong, this dessert is delicious, but my veganized version needs some more attention.

Maybe I will succeed next time (and share the recipe if I do)! Until then, I guess I can settle for hearing Tim shout: “When will the Spotted Dick be out of the oven?” : )