“L” is for Lemon Rice Noodles

Guess what? I love noodles. The simplicity of noodle meals is greatly appreciated when I don’t feel like putting much effort into cooking. Several months ago I purchased The Indian Vegan Kitchen and shelved it (according to size, of course) with my other cookbooks. It sat, slightly forgotten, until today. Tim and I needed a quick, filling, light lunch to power us through a day of volunteer work at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary in Estacada, OR. We love lending a few hands at this animal sanctuary – the folks who run it are incredible and the animals are so sweet. We decided on Lemon Rice Noodles, making some adjustments since we lacked a few ingredients. This dish came together in a matter of minutes and let me use those curry leaves stashed in my (new) freezer!

This dish was a medley of brown mustard seeds, dried red chiles, chana dal, lemon juice, rice noodles, curry leaves, turmeric, and roasted peanuts. Glamorous and delicious!

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9 thoughts on ““L” is for Lemon Rice Noodles

  1. That sounds fantastic! You’re so cute and neurotic – classed by size? You would faint if you saw my bookshelves.
    I love that you & Tim volunteer together! Monsieur Fish prefers to kill zombies in the bat cave. He claims he’s saving humanity, but still.

  2. glamorous, indeed – and so awesome on getting to use some of your curry leaves (and the cookbook! oh, and hooray for the new freezer!)! while we don’t have any animal sanctuaries around us, dan and i have been thinking about volunteering at our local animal shelter. so awesome you two help & volunteer your time with Out To Pasture. i’m gonna check out their site. thanks, Amy!

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