“L” is for Lemon Rice Noodles

Guess what? I love noodles. The simplicity of noodle meals is greatly appreciated when I don’t feel like putting much effort into cooking. Several months ago I purchased The Indian Vegan Kitchen and shelved it (according to size, of course) with my other cookbooks. It sat, slightly forgotten, until today. Tim and I needed a quick, filling, light lunch to power us through a day of volunteer work at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary in Estacada, OR. We love lending a few hands at this animal sanctuary – the folks who run it are incredible and the animals are so sweet. We decided on Lemon Rice Noodles, making some adjustments since we lacked a few ingredients. This dish came together in a matter of minutes and let me use those curry leaves stashed in my (new) freezer!

This dish was a medley of brown mustard seeds, dried red chiles, chana dal, lemon juice, rice noodles, curry leaves, turmeric, and roasted peanuts. Glamorous and delicious!