“J” is for Juice!

Earlier this year, Tim and I purchased a juicer. We did plenty of research, watched online demonstrations, and comparison shopped for several weeks. We finally settled on a cute counter-top juicer that we nicknamed Rommy (What? You don’t name your appliances?). Sure, it was a bit spendy, but the benefits of making your own juice far outweigh the cost of the appliance.

1. Making juice at home eliminates unnecessary plastic and glass bottle purchases. We used to buy bottled juice at the store every week. We recycled the bottles, but it still felt wasteful.

2. The only contents in our juice are the fruits and vegetables we put into it. There are no additives or preservatives.

3. Homemade juice is incredibly fresh. It hasn’t been sitting on a store shelf for several weeks.

4. Homemade juice is less expensive, especially if you purchase your fruits and vegetables locally and in-season.

5. The leftover pulp extracted from the juice can be used for composting.

One of our favorite combinations: Apple, carrot, ginger, and beet

Remember my post from yesterday? Well, all of the ingredients in the juice pictured above are considered excellent immunity boosters! Check it out:

Apples: rich in fiber, vitamin-C, malic acid, and flavonoids
Carrots: rich in vitamin-K, beta-carotene, fiber, folate, iron, and zinc
Ginger: rich in phenols and volatile oils, ginger is helps the body detoxify, alleviate nausea, and soothe digestive problems.
Beets: rich in iron, folate, fiber, protein, and potassium, beets help purify the blood.

Do you juice? What are your favorite combinations?

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7 thoughts on ““J” is for Juice!

  1. your juicer is super cute! i didn’t even know the harvest brand existed. we bought a breville last year, and while i like it alright – it’s a bit big for our countertop. juicing your own fruits and veggies is fo ‘sho the way to go. you’re so right in that you know exactly what’s in it plus it’s waaaay more nutritious and so much more less wasteful. all of those make me most happyfaced. i love green juices – and in the early fall my favorite is carrot-green apple-swiss chard-cucumber-beet. fun colored & refreshing (it’s got a little zip to it, too.)!

  2. we don’t have a juicer, but i love vegetable juice! carrot apple ginger is my favorite, but i haven’t had too many other variations. i like a little beet, too!


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