“G” is for Gluten-Free Super Fudge (Double Chocolate) Brownies!

As many of you know, I am currently in the midst of an exciting, yummy project: I am writing an all-vegan brownie cookbook! My hope is to have 50 recipes ranging from Rice Crispy Treat Brownies to more complex Neapolitan Brownies (plus some ice cream and toppings recipes). My kitchen is often a mess of cocoa powder, flour, melted chocolate, and dirty brownie pans. The project has been challenging, fulfilling, and tasty all at once. The greatest challenge so far has been crafting a gluten-free brownie recipe that knocks my socks off (and perhaps back on again?!). I did a ton of research on gluten-free baking and had a few successful attempts, but they weren’t 100%. When I was baking with Kittee last week, she offered up her gluten-free wisdom. I was able to use my standard brownie recipe and substitute gluten-free flours (plus the mighty xantham gum) to make an incredibly awesome brownie:

Ooooooooooh yeeaaaahhh. Those are vegan white chocolate chips dotting super fudgy brownies. Good stuff. I think I like these better than my standard double chocolate brownies! Unfortunately, I can’t share the recipe since it will be in my book, but if you want to sample one of my recipes, check out this post for Grahamy Mallow Brownies! I’m off to whip up more brownies now!