“E” is for East Coast Chili

Today was adventurous, long, and fun. Tim and I made my dad a big pancake breakfast before we headed into the wilderness for a hike. We chose a dad-friendly, easy, and scenic hike called Mirror Lake which is located in Mt. Hood National Forest. On a clear day, you are supposed to see Mt. Hood reflected in the lake, but today was cloudy. Go figure! Here is a shot of my dad and I near a curvy tree:

A shot of part of Mirror Lake:

We spent a good portion of our day exploring the area around Mt. Hood, showing my dad some of our favorite places. When we finally returned home we were starving! Tim and I made the East Coast Chili from Vegan Planet. I’m not sure why it’s called East Coast Chili, but it’s pretty delicious. It’s also a wonderful meal to enjoy when it’s pouring rain outside.

Stay tuned for tomorrow’s post – it might just have something to do with jam.

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8 thoughts on ““E” is for East Coast Chili

  1. “I’m going to do something with jam” – mysterious statement that is! I can’t wait! Get blogging!

    You dad is so cute – I love that you took him on a hike and made him chili – you’ll take me on a hike when I come visit (some day), right?

  2. It’s nice that you spent the day hiking with your dad. I like to hike too and it’s always more enjoyable when you have good company. I haven’t tried that chili recipe yet, but I have tried some of the other ones in Vegan Planet and they were all yummy. That’s one of my favorite cookbooks.

  3. what a wonderful day you all had together – pancakes, hiking & taking in all the beautiful scenery around you – and then ending it all with a delicious bowl o’ east coast chili. it looks so comforting and yummy – and a tasty way to end the day. we’ve never made that recipe from Vegan Planet and i think we’ll have to check it out. looking forward to your jammy MoFo post!

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