One Thing and Another Thing

Oh hey! How’s it going everybody? Guess what? There’s a pretty exciting and awesome conference happening in Portland next year! Have you heard?

*Discussion Panels
*Special Events
*Vegan Food
*And more!!

Take a peek at the conference agenda! Are you excited yet? You better be.

Oh! And here’s my newest brownie creation for my book:

Neapolitan Brownies! Chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla: all in one brownie!!!


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9 thoughts on “One Thing and Another Thing

  1. Brownie Wonderland Forever!!! It’s beautiful, and if it’s half as tasty as it is beautiful, well, I’ll eat a panful. Or maybe just 2. I’m so excited!!!! Can I start blogging about your brownie book now?
    I wish I could be in Portland for Vida Vegan. Meh.

  2. i wish i could get to portland for that! sigh. that brownie looks so delicious! also, i missed commenting on your last post, but i recently took up yoga (after years of everyone telling me to just do it already, i finally did it). i always figured i was too impatient for it, but where i take classes sometimes they have vinyasa yoga, which is much faster paced. also, you might try pilates. it’s sort of like yoga, but focuses on strengthening your core and toning all those hard to reach muscles. and it seems to move faster in general, but it’s not cardio-level or anything.

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