Cherry Invasion

Guess what? It’s cherry season in the Pacific Northwest!! Oddly enough, me and the gorgeous cherry never enjoyed one another’s company until a few years ago. I was happy to eat cherry-flavored candy, cherry pies, and cherries in canned fruit cups, but fresh from the tree? No thanks! I thought cherries were too tart. I thought their pits were creepy. Obviously I discovered that those feelings were absolute nonsense. Now I can eat a whole pound of cherries (in one sitting) and happily spit pits across the table, aiming precisely for Tim’s face. You think I’m kidding about that last bit?

Last week Tim and I went to an orchard in Hood River, OR and picked a hefty twenty pounds of cherries. Yipes! Want to know the best part? They were only $1.00 per pound and organic! What an amazing deal. Cherry picking is quite relaxing even when you have to climb a twelve foot ladder into the tippy-tops of trees. I had the advantage of being on the ladder while Tim picked from ground level.

What do you do with twenty pounds of cherries? Well, so far we have dehydrated a bunch, packed some into the freezer, and eaten heaps of them alongside all of our meals. Oh, and I made cherry brownies!

The recipe for these brownies will be in my book. Fudgy, chocolatey, cherry goodness.

What are your favorite ways to enjoy cherries? Do you have recipes you want to share? I still have a huge load in my refrigerator!

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4 thoughts on “Cherry Invasion

  1. $1/pound?! Oh my goodness that’s so cheap! And cherry brownies sound perfect–I’ve only made them with dehydrated ones, I can only imagine how delicious they’d be with fresh one!

  2. I grew up with cherries. I swear we had the tastiest cherries on a tree in our garden. The colour of those cherries was very light beige and red and they were so amazing. I really miss eating those cherries since I don’t live at home anymore and the tree is very old anyway. Maybe your brownies can console me? Bring on that book!

  3. that’s one helluva deal on the all cherries you and Tim picked! i’m so jealousfaced. :) i am sooooo super excited about your brownie book – and kick ass on the Etsy shop, too. i’m gonna have to check it out when you’ve got it ready to roll. yay! ooooooh, now i’m gonna have to stop by the store for cherries – my favorite thing to do is pit a bunch, put them in a bowl and drizzle on the chocolate sauce. so easy, soooo gooooood. w00t!

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