Big Announcements!

Hello everybody! I hope summer is treating you with amazing produce, relaxation, and plenty of time spent with friends and family. The weather in Portland has been pretty nice – and that’s saying a lot coming from somebody who prefers clouds, cool temperatures, and rain over the heat and constant sunshine. Diagnosis: I have a black, evil soul…

I also have a few super-duper surprises! Since quitting my job earlier this month I have had more time to bake and be happy. My job was consuming my insides and turning me into an empty shell. Sounds dim, huh? Eventually I will be seeking out employment because after all, it is essential. And it helps me pay the bills! In the meantime, I am writing and creating recipes for a vegan brownie book!! Hooray! A few good friends have been motivating and encouraging me to distribute my brownies around the world. That task seems mighty overwhelming so I am splitting the difference. I have been working on recipes for the last three months and Tim was the one who suggested I write a book. It’s going to be lots of work, but so far I am enjoying every minute.

Here, have a look at my Newman O’s brownies:


My second announcement is that I will be opening an Etsy shop soon and selling handmade cards. It might take me a few weeks to get everything ready, but I will post a link to my shop once I’m done.

That’s it! Happy weekend everybody!