Review Time!

Several months ago I was contacted by a representative from French Meadow Bakery and asked if I wanted to review some of their products. I was happy to oblige!

French Meadow Bakery sent me some coupons (thank you!!) for their products and I decided to try a few of their breads. The first bread I tried was the 100% Spelt Bread.

This loaf only has three ingredients: organic whole spelt flour, filtered water, and salt. I’ve always been bothered by loaves of commercial breads with huge lists of unrecognizable ingredients – why would bread need corn syrup and whey? It’s mighty baffling!!!

I enjoyed the taste of this bread very much; it reminded me of sourdough bread. Unfortunately, the French Meadow breads I tried are sold frozen. It was really difficult to separate the slices and the first few attempts resulted in broken pieces of bread. Once thawed, the bread isn’t soft enough to make a sandwich with so I ended up toasting the slices instead. It’s wonderful toasted and spread with nut butters or avocado (or jam, or hummus, or Earth Balance, or cinnamon & sugar, or agave…) . The whole grain kept me full until lunch, which was nice (must be all that fiber and protein!!). I was disappointed by how expensive the bread was – at my grocery, it was $6.99 for one loaf. The loaf is very small and the slices are tiny. That seems to be a feature of frozen breads and I am not sure why.

The second loaf I sampled was the 100% Rye with Flax Seed. This loaf also has a very clean ingredient list – organic stoneground rye berries, organic flaxseed, filtered water, and salt. The slices are larger, but very thin. Flax seeds add a lovely texture and the rye flour provides a pleasant tang (also similar to sourdough, like the spelt loaf). When I toasted the bread, the slices curled a bit, but that didn’t bother me once I slathered them with avocado or dipped them in soup!! This loaf is also filling, thanks to the wholesome ingredients. It was less expensive than the spelt variety, but still more than I would spend for the amount of bread in the package. Between the two loaves I tried, this was my favorite.

French Meadow Bakery has a very extensive variety of breads. They have breads to suit pretty much everyone on the planet!! Gluten-free? Check! Vegan? Check! Yeast-free? Check! Organic? Check! All of their breads are clearly labeled with allergy information which makes choosing the right loaf very easy. Plus, the simplicity and quality of ingredients is impressive. I just wish the loaves weren’t frozen. I am not a big fan of frozen bread. It’s okay for toasting, but for sandwiches, I prefer fresh, soft bread. The price is steep (at least where I live). I noticed on their website that the prices are much less expensive though. If you can’t find French Meadow products near you and want to try them, I suggest visiting their website.

I still have some coupons left and would love to pass them along to a few lucky readers! If you want to enter, just leave a comment telling me your favorite kind of bread. I’ll choose two winners next Saturday, June 5th. Yay!

Thank you again, French Meadow, for the coupons!

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11 thoughts on “Review Time!

  1. My favorite bread is dave’s killer bread! I usually by the good seed kind. Full of fiber and protein but like the french meadow bread not so cheap.

  2. I would love a coupon for free bread! I am gluten free, so my favorite bread is anything without gluten, which is hard to find and expensive. I love that they have gluten free options!


  3. Wow, it seems like all of those breads are sourdough bread, since no commercial yeast is listed in the ingredient list. Since there has to be a leavener in a bread and sourdough is made from water and flour, I assume these are sourdough breads. But on the other hand, those would contain yeast (wild yeast). Since they label them as yeast-free, I’d love to know what kind of leavening they use. Anyway, those breads look good, what a pity I can’t try them.

  4. I’m not able to use a coupon, but I wanted to say hello either way! So nice of them to send you some vouchers & the bread does look delicious. I agree though about frozen bread – not great for sammmies, but nice for toasty goodness.

  5. If you haven’t drawn a winner yet, I’d love to enter! Actually, French Meadow Bakery’s hemp bagels are one of my favorite bread products! I also love the cranberry walnut rolls and bread from Whole Foods…

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