Video Break

Hey everybody! Below are two important videos that I think everybody should watch. Tim and I were fortunate enough to attend a talk last weekend given by Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project. Her talk focused on how to use food choices to create a more just world. We learned quite a bit, including some information about chocolate that we all need to know. Lauren is amazingly intelligent and has contributed so much to the vegan movement.

With the onset of Earth Day next month, I figured that this next video was appropriate. It is about the bottled water industry. If you drink bottled water, this video will hopefully make you stop.

Upcoming posts include a product review and some tips on how to minimize your impact on the planet.

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8 thoughts on “Video Break

  1. Thanks for sharing these videos. They really force you to look at things differently and I think everyone would benefit from watching them!

  2. That water video is excellent (I don’t have time just now to watch the other one, but I hope to make the time.) We’ve given up bottled water for quite a while now, but so many people I know still buy into the lies. I hope you don’t mind, but I think I’m going to re-post this video on my blog. Need to spread the word.
    Do you mind? (Say no!).

    • Post away – It’s good to spread the word!!! The first video is long, but Lauren is a great speaker and when you do have the time, I encourage you to watch! Hope you are well Shel!

  3. Thanks for sharing these videos! I still need to watch the first one but the bottled water one is really good. I never liked the taste of bottle water, but so many people I see buy huge packs of them at the supermarket!

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