Video Break

Hey everybody! Below are two important videos that I think everybody should watch. Tim and I were fortunate enough to attend a talk last weekend given by Lauren Ornelas of the Food Empowerment Project. Her talk focused on how to use food choices to create a more just world. We learned quite a bit, including some information about chocolate that we all need to know. Lauren is amazingly intelligent and has contributed so much to the vegan movement.

With the onset of Earth Day next month, I figured that this next video was appropriate. It is about the bottled water industry. If you drink bottled water, this video will hopefully make you stop.

Upcoming posts include a product review and some tips on how to minimize your impact on the planet.

Demand Chocolate!

A few years ago I wrote a post featuring a raw chocolate agave spread from Love Street Living Foods. Tim and I were immediately smitten with the rich, dark, delicious concoction. After dipping spoons into the jar, we added dollops to a batch of cupcakes. The result was pretty fantastic. Who wouldn’t want a wee chocolatey surprise in the center of their cupcake?

Since that post, I haven’t had the yummy spread. Luckily a representative from Love Street Living Foods contacted me recently and offered to send samples of their products for me to try and review. I’d be silly to say no, so I said yes (and please and thank you)!!!

I received two different spreads from Love Street Living Foods: a raw chocolate spread (the same spread that I mentioned above) and a raw chocolate coconut spread. Needless to say, the spoon dipping started almost as soon as the lids came off the jars. Not only are these spreads raw, but they are 100% organic and gluten-free too!!! The ingredient list is short and clean. Both are thick, smooth, and deeply chocolatey. The spreads are handmade too (in PA, my home state!!!).

Love Street Living Foods also generously sent me some chocolate bars to sample as well:

Oh my goodness, these bars were absolutely amazing!!! Despite their petite 1-ounce size, each bar was perfectly satisfying as an after dinner dessert for two people. They are made to order, so you are guaranteed super fresh, organic chocolate. And, like the spreads, the ingredient lists are short. Tim and I had a difficult time choosing a favorite among the four samples we received. We finally decided that the Coconut Crystal Chocolate bar was tops. The coconut is subtle and the crystals add crunchy bits of texture. The bars are wafer thin, smooth, and don’t have the bitterness present in lots of other dark chocolates. To quote Tim: “They tasted so flippin’ good!!!!”. I agree. Without a doubt, these bars rank high on my list of chocolate favorites. I already want more!!

The super sweet folks at Love Street Living Foods are offering blog readers a deal you shouldn’t pass up:

Receive 10% off your entire order plus 3 free samples at Love Street Living Foods. Make sure to enter this coupon code: TahinitooLoveSt. This deal is valid from Sunday, March 21 – Thursday, March 25.
Please write in the “Order Comments” box during checkout which samples you would like from the list below it. *Please note: this discount is not valid on equipment.

This is a great time to try out some fantastic chocolate (or any of the other yummy products on their website). I am pretty sure I will be placing an order myself because chocolate is integral to my well-being.

Thanks again to Love Street Living Foods (Hi Aparna!!!) for sending me samples!!