When Weekends Fly By…

The weather in Portland has been amazing this past week. Every day has been sunny, warm, and filled with blue skies. Spring is pretty much shoving winter aside and I am a happy camper! Tim and I noticed buds on trees this morning and lots of birdies trotting about on the ground looking for treats. Ahhhh… Here is a weekend recap:

Dinner Friday night:

My co-worker is writing a cookbook (yay!!) and was kind enough to give me her recipe for black bean burgers. She has been bringing them to work for lunch and enticing me with the aroma for months. They are ace. It is really great having co-workers who share a passion for healthy, delicious foods!!!

Tim and I spent much of Saturday riding our bikes and relaxing in the park:

In the evening we had a pizza party with friends and ate this cake:

A chocolate peanut butter cake I made for our friend Emiko’s birthday.

Today we volunteered at Out to Pasture Animal Sanctuary in Estacada, OR with several other people. We spent the day building fences, digging ditches, clipping blackberry brambles, and chatting with animals. It was a wonderful experience and I cannot wait to go and help again next month. The animals are so sweet and loving I wish I could scoop them up and lounge with them for hours (although horses and pigs are mighty heavy!).

A silly llama eating grass through a fence.

Tim (in the white top) helping make sure the fence components are level.

Here I am helping dig a drainage ditch to prevent flooding in the pasture.

Singer, the horse. She is nearly blind and followed Tim and I around when we were digging the ditch. She nearly bumped into the wheelbarrow once and it made me sad.

The envious life of a kitty. She lounged in the sunshine all day!

A quiet donkey munching in the pasture.

Best weekend!

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17 thoughts on “When Weekends Fly By…

  1. omg, that cake!!!

    the weather has been such a tease here too! yesterday was the first time it was above 40 degrees in like two months!!

    sounds like a great weekend :)

  2. If you ever feel like adopting an adorable (!) vegan blogger from the Midwest, let me know :)

    BTW your pictures are beautiful, and I can’t stop drooling over that b.bean burger either!

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    • There were two llamas and both of them were super sassy!!! They strutted around the pasture with a look of pure up-to-no-good on their faces. I was afraid the one was going to spit on me, so I kept a wide berth!

  4. That day was so much fun! My friend Jeff and I helped you with the fence. I’m in the red shirt and he has the black beanie on. I’m happy I cam across your blog! I love it!

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