Two for Me and None for You.

Hey there! A few weeks ago my dear friend (thank you!) sent me some brownies for my birthday. She ordered them from a lovely little shop on Esty called Sweet Fritsy. The brownies were beautifully packaged and insanely delicious. I ate a bunch even though I promised myself a sugar vacation several days before the brownies arrived in my mailbox. Oh well…

The above two brownies were the last of the batch. Fudgy, melt-in-your-mouth, rich, and dense brownies to make your tummy happy as heck. Why not?! Sweet Fritsy has cookies, brownies, chocolates and other treats available for purchase. You will be so impressed, I promise!!! Go visit her shop and get ready to postpone your sugar vacation.

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6 thoughts on “Two for Me and None for You.

  1. Ahh those brownies look so good. I didn’t realize she had an Etsy page, good to know!

    Thanks for the comment also. I’ll admit I was scared to try an artichoke dish, so it sat in my fridge for a week. But it actually is really easy. Surprisingly one of the easiest recipes I’ve tried.

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