From a Girl Who Used to HATE Onions

Growing up, I was an insanely picky eater. Celery and PB&J on toast were my staples. Onions were demons. I dissected every meal, seeking out the icky onion bits and moving them to a safe pile away from the rest of my food. Obviously as I have aged my tastes have grown to accept many lovely and amazing foods, in particular, the aforementioned onion. Who would have thought I would ever say “This meal needs more onion”? I said it Monday evening and I will probably say it again, and again, and again… As long as the onion is chopped finely, mind you.

Anyways, Tim and I made another meal from The Kind Diet:

Caramelized Onions

Rice Pilaf with Caramelized Onions

Wow. This meal was so easy and so delicious!!! Carrots, parsnips, onions, rice, seasonings, pecans, pumpkin seeds (and kale we added for pretty color and tasty goodness) make up this dish.

Caramelized Onions 2

We ate the entire batch and I don’t feel even the teeniest bit guilty.

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11 thoughts on “From a Girl Who Used to HATE Onions

  1. hooray for the onion love, Amy! i thought that mushrooms & beets were the absolute worst when i was wee (although now i’m BFFs with both of them. tee hee!). i’m glad you & onions are getting along, even if they are chopped up into little tiny bits! what a beautiful dish – easy & delicious is what we love the most!

  2. I used to hate onions too! My mom had to leave them out of everything or I’d freak out. Now I love them — cooked, raw, caramelized, whatevs.

    I really wanna get the Kind Diet soon. I just acquired quite a few new cookbooks, so I may have to wait til Christmas for that one. But I know its gonna be fab!

  3. I’m still an avowed onion-hater and will dissect my meal to extract any offenders (same goes for leeks, shallots, chives, and scallions). I still have a few picky points, it’s true…

    I’m looking forward to getting a copy of the Kind Diet and I’m happy to know that you’re enjoying it so much!

  4. I like onions but I have to chop them finely if my bf will be eating the meal as well.

    And I am still waiting on my copy of the Kind Diet but now I know this will be one of the first meals I make!

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  6. This looks like a great dish! I’ve always loved onions – and pretty much all the other weird veggies that turn people off – so I love to hear about people finding a new love for an old hate! I just posted an Onion-Potato Soup recipe on my blog and I mentioned your post as well!

    • I don’t like them raw either and undoubtedly never will. They are way to strong and smelly and crunchy raw. I won’t chop them yet, my parter does the prepping and cooking!!! That’s a funny name for celery!!! Chad from Food Fight HATES celery!!!

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