Food Carting


I am quite lucky to have an hour for lunch during my workday. I am also quite lucky because Tim rides his bike to meet me for lunch nearly every day – his visits make the lameness of a desk job a hazy smear, at least for a little while! We usually pack yummy lunches and sit in the park to eat and do crossword puzzles. But there are days when we just want to treat ourselves (or we are simply out of food at home) to a purchased lunch. Earlier this week we walked to an area a few blocks from my office full of food carts, a few with vegan goodness!!! We decided on a place called DC Vegetarian, an all vegetarian food cart with plenty of vegan options. I ordered a vegan Italian sub and Tim ordered a vegan Steak & Cheese sub. While we waited for our food, other folks were placing orders and collecting orders and it was awesome to hear that every person had ordered vegan!!! Right on!

DC Veg 3

My sub sandwich came on a lovely grilled roll that was fresh, soft, chewy, and crispy all at once. It was filled with vegan meats and cheeses, spicy mustard, mayo, lettuce and avocado. Admittedly, I rarely eat vegan deli slices or cheeses, so this was a special treat. It reminded me of “Sub Night” from my childhood – my family would put a bunch of sub rolls, filling, and condiments out on the table and we would each assemble and toast our own subs for dinner. Happy memories!!! I enjoyed my HUGE and well-priced ($5.25) sammie very much, even though I ate the whole thing and had a small tummy upset later… Greedy lunch snarfer.

DC Veg 2

Tim’s sub was amazing! It was filled with house seitan that had been doused in what we think was Yumm Sauce (a crazy good sauce used at Cafe Yumm and also sold in select grocery stores, maybe Whole Foods?) and perhaps some other goodness, plus grilled peppers and onions.

DC Veg 1

With so many old and new vegan-friendly food carts (thanks for compiling the list Jess!) popping up all over Portland, it’s easy to scoff at packed lunches, but in all honesty, I love homemade food much better. It’s fun to eat out and have others cook for you, but Tim and I always make those special occasions so it doesn’t become habit. With that being said, I would definitely go back to DC Vegetarian when I want a warm, filling sammie on my lunch hour that won’t bust my wallet (just my tummy).

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5 thoughts on “Food Carting

  1. i’m so jealous of all the food cart offerings & yumminesses in portland. superjealousface! those sammies look rock’n and the price is very reasonable – i love that everyone was ordering vegan, too! wooo hoooooo! that is too awesome on you & Tim having lunch together almost every day. i wish dan & i could do that – but he’s too far away. we do e-mail each other a bunch which makes work a little more fun! w00t!

  2. dazee has been going on and on about the burgers from this cart. pretty sure that’s where he’s been getting them. also, i’ve seen yumm sauce at food fight.

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