“A” is for Almond-Orange Sweet Rolls


Earlier this year I was busier than a bee testing recipe after recipe for Celine and Joni’s soon-to-be released cookbook, 500 Vegan Recipes. Several (I mean, MANY) of the recipes became repeat favorites and the following is one of them:

Almond-Orange Sweet Rolls

Almond-Orange Sweet Rolls

The recipe is actually called Almond Spelt Sweet Rolls, but I was out of spelt flour for this batch and subbed AP flour instead. You can find the recipe here, because Celine is a sweetie and posted some of the cookbook recipes on her website! The rolls are sweetened with agave, studded with raisins, and coated with crunchy raw sugar/orange zest mixture. The interior is soft, fluffy, and subtly sweet. They are the perfect rolls to have alongside a cup of tea or coffee. In fact, they are so delicious that I had to hide them from Tim because he was devouring them. We eventually had to play the Hot/Cold game because he desperately needed a sweet roll fix and he was getting increasingly moody. Make these and be extra happy.

Almond-Orange Sweet Roll 3

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