“T” is for Tamales


On Thursday evening Tim and I made tamales for the first time (I admittedly used to be creeped out by dried corn husks so tamales were a no-no). We used the recipe for Black Bean Tamales from the October 2009  issue of VegNews. The verdict? I have been missing out all these years! Goodness, tamales are not only fun to make (although time-consuming) but you get to unwrap them like you would a present before you eat them!!! How cool is that? We ate ours with lots of avocado on the side, but a mole sauce or salsa would have made our meal all the better – next time!!!

Tamales 1

Before opening the tamales

Tamales 2

After opening the tamales (they are kind of ugly without the corn husk wrapper)

What’s to come in future posts:

Photos from a benefit dinner at Sweetpea Baking Company (dinner is Friday the 16th!!!!!)

A sweet product review

A second giveaway

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10 thoughts on ““T” is for Tamales

  1. They are yummy!! Though I haven’t had any since becoming vegan, my friends mother made some really vegetarian ones for me a long while back.. now that I’m thinking about it.. I think it was almost 10 years ago, I need to make some soon!!

  2. tamales – wow! i’ve always wanted to make them, but to be honest i’ve always been a little intimidated. i think i’m gonna have to get something to steam them in and give them a try. they look most excellent, Amy!

    looking forward to seeing all the great eats from the benefit dinner for the chimps. superw00t!

  3. tamales are my favorite! love love love. wait till terri romero’s new book comes out, she has the best tamale recipes! i’m also a big fan of the book Tamales 101. the book is not vegetarian, but they have a whole chapter devoted to veg recipes and many are easy to veganize with soy curls or seitan.


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