Curried Sweet Potato & Wild Rice Soup


I keep a bunch of recipes in a huge binder on my cookbook shelf. Most of these recipes have been printed off the internet with the good intention of making each and every one. But, as my collection continues to grow, I end up forgetting about at least half of the recipes. I also have a folder of printed recipes – this folder holds the recipes that I know I want to make within the next week. One recipe that made its way into the high priority folder was one for a Curried Sweet Potato & Wild Rice Soup. Lindsay from the awesome Happy Herbivore blog posted the recipe last week. What a wonderful soup!!! Tim and I enjoyed big bowls (doubled, the recipe yields about four generous servings) for dinner Wednesday evening. We made two small changes: instead of soy milk, we used coconut milk; and we topped each bowl with some toasted cashews (along with the rice).

Curried Sweet Potato Soup 1

Perfectly creamy, well-spiced, and simple to prepare – thanks for the recipe Lindsay!!!

Curried Soup 2

Annnnnnnd, this post makes 15 posts in a row!!!! Hooray for Vegan MoFo!!!