“W” is for Winner of My Giveaway!!!



This is a lazy, lazy post. I just wanted to thank everybody for entering my giveaway! It was fun reading about all the different ways people enjoy the fruits of summer and fall (and all seasons!). I used a random number generator to select the winner (and have no clue how to show the little box with the number, so you’ll have to trust me here) and the winner is: Commenter #13 (oooooooooh and today is the 13th!), Gina!!!! Hooray, hooray, hooray!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations Gina! I love Gina’s blog and I am mighty excited to try her Baked Falafel recipe with Tahini Sauce, since tahini is my most favorite stuff on the planet.  Go visit her blog and see all her fabulous posts for Vegan MoFo. And Gina, I will contact you via e-mail to make arrangements for your prize – you can choose between a homemade pint of either Vanilla Bing Cherry Jam, Maple Pear Butter, or Blueberry Jam!

I will be having a different giveaway next week that will be open to everybody (meaning international readers as well), so stay tuned!

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4 thoughts on ““W” is for Winner of My Giveaway!!!

  1. I am so excited, I never win anything. In fact, I saw that this post was W for Winner, and didn’t even click on it because I knew I never win. Thanks so much!!

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