“D” is for Dessert


Last year I had the brilliant idea to open a vegan restaurant called Dessert First – a place where people would order the sweets before the main course. Obviously I never really followed through, but sometimes I revisit the temptation. Dessert makes me mighty happy!

After riding our bikes home from my office Friday evening, Tim decided dinner at Blossoming Lotus was necessary – who am I to argue? Blossoming Lotus is an amazing all-vegan restaurant in Portland with two locations, one just a few blocks from our apartment. The softly lit, fancy-ish interior isn’t the best setting for quality photos when the skies begin to darken so I put all my energies into making the dessert photos count (we did eat main courses too, but I didn’t make much effort with the photos). We actually chose two desserts to share: a live chocolate mousse cake and vanilla soft serve with grated orange peel – perfect for this scenario: Bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve, bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve… Repeat until both dishes are clean.

Live Chocolate Mousse Cake

Vegan Soft Serve

I’m still full.

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6 thoughts on ““D” is for Dessert

  1. i love your restaurant idea, Amy! i remember growing up that every halloween we had dessest first. that’s probably why i love halloween the most! ah ha ha! the tradition was created because one halloween when my father was young my grandmother had decided to make a big turkey dinner. when dinner time came around the turkey wasn’t done yet & so they had dessert first to give the turkey more time to cook. so every year following they’d have dessert first on halloween. mmmmmmm!

    “bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve, bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve” – mmmmmmmmmmmm! that sounds like the most gloroius combination, indeed!

  2. One of the best restaurant meals I ever had was with my best friend, when we got tired of waiting for the main course (taking too long), and just ordered dessert first! We still ate the meal, but the dessert was the best part. :) This looks just gorgeous, so professional, and totally decadent!

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