“D” is for Dessert


Last year I had the brilliant idea to open a vegan restaurant called Dessert First – a place where people would order the sweets before the main course. Obviously I never really followed through, but sometimes I revisit the temptation. Dessert makes me mighty happy!

After riding our bikes home from my office Friday evening, Tim decided dinner at Blossoming Lotus was necessary – who am I to argue? Blossoming Lotus is an amazing all-vegan restaurant in Portland with two locations, one just a few blocks from our apartment. The softly lit, fancy-ish interior isn’t the best setting for quality photos when the skies begin to darken so I put all my energies into making the dessert photos count (we did eat main courses too, but I didn’t make much effort with the photos). We actually chose two desserts to share: a live chocolate mousse cake and vanilla soft serve with grated orange peel – perfect for this scenario: Bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve, bite of cake, spoonful of soft serve… Repeat until both dishes are clean.

Live Chocolate Mousse Cake

Vegan Soft Serve

I’m still full.