A Sweet Giveaway!!!



I spent a nice, hefty portion of my summer canning jams, preserves, fruits, syrups, applesauce, and pickles. I have since moved on to apple butter, pear butter, and soon, roasted pumpkin butter and cranberry butter. My cupboards are stuffed full with little room to spare. So, I think it might be time for a small, sweet giveaway!! It’s pretty simple: Leave a comment letting me know your favorite way to enjoy the fruits of summer (or fall!). I will randomly select a winner on Tuesday, October 13th. The winner will receive one pint of homemade goodness. The winner can choose from the following: Vanilla Bing Cherry Jam, Blueberry Jam, or Maple Pear Butter. ***This giveaway is open only to US residents, but don’t fret, because I will be having another giveaway soon that will be open to international readers as well!!!***

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53 thoughts on “A Sweet Giveaway!!!

  1. My favorite way to enjoy fruit over the summer is after a long day, doing anything and nothing in particular. It’s a nice personal date and time to just sit still and be for a bit. And I get to fully and independently enjoy all the smells, flavors and textures, without getting sidetracked. A juicey slice of watermelon, or firm succulent grapes, or a crunchy taingy apple…mhmmm

    In the winter, I enjoy fruits on the go. I live in VT and it gets so cold that the moment I start running to work with fruit in hand, it starts to freeze, so I have to eat it quick…like a flavor explosion and mini self-competitive contest for myself to see if I actually get to have a fruit or a frozen block!

  2. I do a lot of canning and freezing myself, but I gotta say, my favorite (oh so simple) thing is probably pulling out a bag of frozen raspberries in, say, late February (when the memory of fresh has all but faded) and throwing them into a bowl of Silk vanilla yogurt. I’ve been planning on trying some pumpkin butter too (for the first time), and I really want to do apple pumpkin butter, but I’m not sure of the proportions I should do. Cranberry sounds awesome – but would probably take a ton of berries? Or cranberry pumpkin…oh, it makes me feel all fuzzy inside just thinking of the possibilities!!!

  3. This is an awesome idea for a giveaway! There are few things I enjoy more than home-canned goods. My favorite way to enjoy fruits are baked into breads, muffins, and even cupcakes! I’m a carb-fiend, so everything tastes better baked into bread. Or, in the case of jam and jellies, spread onto bread.

  4. Those look sooo yummy! I generally like my summer fruits straight up or in a smoothie. But homemade jams are also fantastic ;)

  5. Oh, my goodness, I’m so excited about this give away! Please enter me! I can’t even begin to tell you how amazing roasted pumpkin butter sounds.

    I like to eat summer fruits straight up and fresh. That’s heaven to me.

  6. I just want to eat them out of hand. I really miss blueberries already. I didn’t freeze enough this year and I don’t make jam-I just never seem to be able to find the time.

  7. My favorite way to eat summer fruits is with friends. I firmly believe that good company makes good food taste even better.

  8. this sounds amazing! my favorite way to enjoy the summer bounty is by turning fruit into sorbet or soy ice cream! that way, i can cool off and appreciate the summer goodies!

  9. Wonderful giveaway! I’d love any of those flavors!

    My favorite way to enjoy summer fruits is in a berry crisp. Hmmm, or in smoothies. Or just raw. :) I love berries.

    As for fall, you can’t beat apple crisp!

  10. What a delicious give-away! I love to make pies, pies, and more pies with summer fruit. There’s nothing like a buttery crust and perfectly sweet fruit to make the day wonderful!

  11. I love to eat them perserved. My mom recently made me some pear perserves and I can’t wait to devour them on some toast.

  12. My favorite way is straght from the farmer’s market! (after a run under the faucet of course… then directly into my mouth)

  13. best when u make pancakes or waffles in the morning or night and u sprinkle some fruit and agave on top. i want that right now!

  14. squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! you’re the best, Amy!

    my favorite way to enjoy the fruits of the summer? i’d have to go with broiled peaches. after they’re good ‘n broiled i drizzle them with agave nectar and top ‘em off with a tiny scoop of vanilla hemp milk ice cream. oh my goodness, it’s so darn delicious!

    thanks again for the sweet giveaway!

  15. My favorite way to enjoy the fruits of summer is picking fresh blackberries off a bush on the side of the road and eating them right then and there.

    What a great giveaway!

  16. i, too, have become obsessed with canning and making jams. i don’t have all the supplies yet, but i’ve been doing it in my own way. i’ve made peach jam, blackberry jam, fig jam, and now green tomato jam! it’s soooo much fun. other than in jam, my favorite way to enjoy fruits is probably in baked goods. the fruit gets all softs and sugary and it’s delish!

  17. i recently discovered the joy that is freezer jam. it is tasty-good. otherwise, i just enjoy plucking things from the trees and popping them in my mouth!


  18. oooh.

    i live in a small town, and the jam/preserves selection here is very limited, unfortunately. i’m also a single mother, so i rarely have time to put into such luxurious things as making jams.:)

    they all sound heavenly!

  19. OH JEEZ your homemade preserves are making my mouth water!! This is such a fantastic givewaway and with such an incredible personal touch. :) Speaking of giveaways, I’m hosting a ZenSoy pudding and soy milk giveaway, so hope you stop by if you’re interested! :) Happy hump day!!

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  21. Your jams and butters look amazing! I’m not used to those unique combinations (I found a peach marmalade once and nearly died from excitement, thinking it was exotic). My typical fruit-style of the seasons is raw ad in copious amounts (I can eat an entire pineapple in one sitting). Also, I love them in smoothies, deserts, savory dishes, in odd DIY beauty products, basically anything fruity I will consume in some manner. I wish I could have ALL of jams, but I’m especially curiousabout the Vanilla Bing Cherry Jam..or the Maple Pear Butter (both sound “mmmmmm”).

  22. I have discovered a new found love for figs. The boys Nana has a neighbor with a fig tree. Holy wow! I made fig preserves last year for the first time. They were the best ever.

    By the way, your blog is awesome.

  23. Anything I can get from the farmer’s market! That’s my favorite part of the summer. The winter at the market is so redundant (and there’s too much meat!), in the summer I can get organic everything! Basil, broccoli, melons, kale, chard, collards, radishes, rhubarb, tomatoes, garlic, onions, strawberries, blueberries, peaches, green beans, potatoes of the sweet and regular varieties, etc.

  24. My two biggest crops seem to be tomatoes and apples; usually I dehydrate the tomatoes (I luv ‘em sundried!) and make applesauce with the apples, which then becomes fruit leather.

    When slicing the fruit leather, I always cut some very large pieces. I have to give one of my dog-kids an allergy shot every two weeks, and a big ole slab of fruit leather distracts him just long enough so that I can get in and out with nary a yelp.


  25. what a great idea! maybe I should do a homemade giveaway too… I just finished canning about 25 jars of tomatoes. I love love love canning, but still my favorite way to enjoy summer fruit is totally fresh and simple. The most bestest thing of all is to get a basket of strawberries at the farmers market and eat the whole dang thing while they’re still warm from the sun. heaven!

  26. I love jam! My favorite way to enjoy summer fruit is to bake with it. My favorites are peach tarts, strawberry rhubarb crisp and plum cake.

    I’m thinking I might attempt making and canning preserves one of these days, but I feel like I would need someone who has experience with it there with me.

  27. I have so many favorite ways to enjoy summer fruits. However, one of them, which lasts all year long, is to freeze the fruit in small pieces to add to shakes throughout the fall & winter – a taste of summer all year long!

  28. My favorite way to enjoy the fruits of fall is honeycrisp apples in their purest form! They are my favorite thing about fall!

    For the giveaway, the maple pear butter sounds to die for!!

  29. Definitely my favorite is just naked as can be. Popping them in my mouth like popcorn. Blueberries are my favorite. Normally I go to a U-Pick on Sauvie Island and eat a lot of those, but freeze most of them for my future scones, muffins, and coffee cakes. Yum!

  30. Canning is such an admirable undertaking! I love nothing more than a cold crisp apple in the fall. 2nd runner up is a nice vegan pumpkin cheesecake- that’s like heaven every fall!!

  31. I love summer and fall fruits! I love to enjoy them in their simplest form – as is! I also love a good cobbler or smoothie! But my favorite way to enjoy them is while lounging in the hammock or on the beach, in any form – coffee cake, smoothie, raw, fruity daiquiri… :)

  32. That jam looks fantastic!

    I love apples in pie form and bananas in breads/muffins in the fall. In the summer, I love fruit straight up and as juice/smoothies. And all year round, I love to have raspberries and strawberries on chocolate pies. Yummmm

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