“B” is for Brunch


The luxury of sleeping in on weekends only gets better when combined with waffles, right? Right. Tim made me buckwheat waffles for breakfast on Saturday while I lazily read a book and demanded my food. I know waffles alone aren’t really brunch, but when you eat them around 11 a.m., it’s officially past the normal breakfast hour. Tim used the Buckwheat Waffles recipe from Vegan Brunch since we had a bunch of buckwheat flour in the cupboard. We topped them with homemade huckleberry jam (from huckleberries we picked ourselves while backpacking last month!!!). We ate them and we loved them.

bw waffles 3!

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10 thoughts on ““B” is for Brunch

  1. i just got vegan brunch for my birthday last month and really need to try out some of the waffle recipes. i remember loving buckwheat pancakes as a kid…so i must try these!

  2. so awesome of Tim to make you two waffles for brunch. sleeping in + waffles = most glorious, indeed! i need to get us a waffle maker and a copy of vegan brunch, pronto! topping waffles with homemade huckleberry jam sounds heavenly!

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