Bike Ride to Dinner


With the arrival of chillier weather (finally!!!) in Portland, Tim and I decided to ride our bikes over to Homegrown Smoker last night. Homegrown Smoker is an all-vegan BBQ with delicious food and an amazingly friendly staff (I previously reviewed Homegrown Smoker here). The spicy-sweet BBQ sauce and cozy, heated, tent-covered seating area warmed us while we ate our meal. It’s always hard to choose from their menu, but you are pretty much guaranteed to leave happy no matter what you order. In fact, we rode off with full tummies and the aroma of smoky BBQ lingering in our clothes.

HS #1

My meal had smoked BBQ soy curls, baked beans, mac-no-cheese, molasses cornbread, and smoked tempeh. It was a lot of food and I ended up sharing with Tim (he’s small but can somehow fit a ton of food in his system). Tim ordered chorizo sausage, baked beans, smoked tempeh, molasses cornbread, coleslaw, and a stuffed jalapeno. Yum.

jalapeno and beeze

I just read on HS’s blog that they are considering adding vegan s’mores, hot spiced cider, and weekend breakfasts to the Fall menu!!!!! Luckily Tim and I live less than a two-mile bike ride away from Homegrown Smoker because there is no way I’m passing up those treats. Yeah. Plus, with the opening of the all-vegan Back to Eden Bakery just down the street, we might need to move into that neighborhood soon…

I will leave you with a photo of the beloved smoker that creates the goodness HS serves up:

the smoker!

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10 thoughts on “Bike Ride to Dinner

  1. That sounds like such a great way to do dinner. I’m so jealous of you Portlanders…you guys are rollin’ in the cool vegan places to eat. We haven’t caught up yet here in less-swingin’ Seattle.

    Happy Vegan MoFo!!!

  2. Hi there folks! HGS will be closing for the winter November 14th! Come join us before that time!

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