Blast Off!!!


Word up everybody! It’s October (my most favorite month of the year)!!!!!!! And while I feel like a pile of smarm* today, it is the first day of Vegan MoFo, and I am participating!! Expect lots of fun over the next 3o days or so. What kind of fun? Here’s a peek into the future:

1. Recipes

2. Cookbook testing photos

3. Portland yummy foods from carts and other places

4. Video nonsense

5. Product reviews

6. Tips

7. Surprises (good ones too, I swear)

So, to start the month off (and my morning), here is a photo of some awesome granola bars that will kick your energy levels way up into the Milky Way:


Trail Mix Bars  (recipe here) – These are loaded with nuts, dried fruits, oats, and coconut. I adapted the recipe a bit:  I used agave nectar instead of honey,  raisins instead of cranberries, and replaced some of the seeds with nuts. This is an incredibly versatile recipe though, so don’t fret!! These bars are perfect for the office, trail, lunch, dinner, breakfast… Plus, they are easy to make!

Make sure you keep up with all the other MoFo’ers!!!

*smarm – bleh, icky, unwell, possibly sick

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6 thoughts on “Blast Off!!!

  1. ooooooooooooh, i cannot wait for all the vegan mofo awesomeness you’re bringing us, Amy! i can’t believe dan & i have never made our own granola bars – we totally need to. i just need to stop being so darn lazy. ah ha ha! hooray for surprises, fun video fun, testers to tease us with, and glorious good recipes! superw00t!

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