Summer Wrap-Up

It’s been a long while since my last post. Summer kept me busy:



Visiting with my super awesome, lovely friend Celine;


Attending Portland Veg Fest;

Tent & Sun & Fog

Camping on the Pacific Crest Trail;

Nods on Trail

Hiking in the misty, foggy, rainy wilderness;

Misty Ridges

Enjoying the view from our campsite;

Picking Berries

Picking wild huckleberries;

Goofy 1

Goofing around to keep warm;

Protester Tim

Protesting the circus in Portland;


More protesting;

More Apples

Picking apples in Hood River, OR;

Me & My Dad

Visiting with my dad;

Portobello 2

Eating yummy food at Portobello Vegan Trattoria in Portland (lasagna);

Portobello 1

More good food from Portobello (portobello mushrooms and polenta);

Storm in the Gorge

Watching an approaching storm in the Columbia River Gorge;

Nods & Mountain

Backpacking near South Sister (a mountain in Oregon);

Wickiup Plain

Looking into the distance on the trail;

Tent at Sunset

Enjoying the sun setting;

Don't bug me while I eat my bagel sammie!

Munching on tasty bagel sammies;

Cafe Yumm 1

More eating (post-trail food from Cafe Yumm in Bend, OR);

Cafe Yumm 2

I think that’s about all I have for now. Summer was also lots of relaxing, bike riding, donut-eating, cooking, canning, baking, and spending time with Tim. Fall is my favorite time of year though, so expect a bit more of a post commitment this season!

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19 thoughts on “Summer Wrap-Up

  1. hooray for all the awesome that was summer, Amy! i super love the pictures of you and Tim, and picture of you and your dad, too! such happyfaces! w00t!

    picking huckleberries & apples, canning all kinds of yummies, and sammie eating sounds like one fine way to spend a summer. especially when you throw in camping ‘n hiking, food in bowls (yay!) ‘n veg fest, and protesting (that rocks so hard) ‘n donut-eating. what a summer full of glorious times, tasty eats, and fun activities, fo ‘sho!

    fall is also my favorite season – and i cannot wait to read more of your posts & oh ‘n ahhhhh over the awesome pictures!

  2. Your backpacking trips look amazing! I’ve been wanting to hit up the PCT for awhile now, but the AT is keeping me busy close to home. Amazing eats and a beautiful sounding summer!

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