Vegan BBQ, it’s true, it’s true!

Tonight was the grand opening of an all-vegan BBQ in Portland called Homegrown Smoker. I know!!! Tim and I tossed aside our previous dinner menu and rode our bikes up to Last Thursday, which is a chaotic mess of arts, crafts, food, music, costumes, and hoards of people roaming the street having fun and being silly. Usually a crowded environment makes me a bit unpleasant to be around, but come on, vegan BBQ!!! 

Homegrown Smoker turned out to be quite delicious. They have a decent-sized menu with sandwiches, specialties, side options, beverages, and local vegan desserts (check out the menu on their blog!). Making a decision wasn’t easy and the smoky BBQ smells emanating from their stand were numbing my mind. I finally decided upon the Smoked Soy Curls (served on a pita) with a side of Mac No Cheese. Tim opted for Chronic Tempeh Ribs & Vegan Sausage (I believe they use Field Roast sausages) with Cole Slaw and Baked Beans. The wait was incredibly short since we arrived before the crowds. With food in hand, we found a cozy spot on the curb to dine, people watch, and listen to music. Here, take a look:

Smoked BBQ Soy Curls

BBQ Tempeh

The smoky flavor was perfectly subtle, and the BBQ sauce was sweet, tangy, and a little spicy (there are two sauce options). My pita bread was chewy, soft, and gently grilled. I was a bit disappointed with the side portion of my meal, there was maybe a 1/4 cup of macaroni, which isn’t very much, especially for a hungry BBQ-crazed vegan food snarfer (such as myself). But, the Mac No Cheese was yummy, and I happily shared bites with Tim. We both agreed that the ribs would have benefitted from simmering in BBQ sauce rather that having a squeezy bottle for customers to dispense onto their food. Overall, we enjoyed our food and look forward to visiting again (we live only a few miles away!!!). The ever-growing number of all-vegan businesses in Portland makes me overflow with glee. Taco trucks, milkshakes, Italian food, bakeries, groceries, tattoos, bars… I love it here.

The street fair also had a sweet little baked goods vendor called Petunia’s. We purchased two cupcakes for dessert and probably should have purchased a dozen. We chose a Chocolate Hazelnut and a Lemon Coconut, but there was Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars too, I think. We also purchased a Strawberry Vanilla cupcake from a vegan bake sale that was happening during the festivities (Portland’s 3rd and final in the Worldwide Vegan Bake Sale). Mmmmmmm, cupcakes!!!!

2 Cupcakes

Pardon the smooshed top, Tim was handling the box.

Lemon Coconut Cupcake

Lemon Coconut cupcake

Tim Snarfs Cupcake

You would think he’d share…


Pretty, pretty baked treats!!

This weekend Tim and I will be attending the second annual Let Live Animal Rights Conference!! We learned so much last year, and the speakers lined up for this year are equally amazing. You can see the schedule here, and look forward to photos from the conference in my next post. It’s always nice to be immersed in a room full of like-minded compassionate people working together to benefit the animals. Veganism has made a huge difference in my life, and I wish I’d made the choice years ago. Go eat a cupcake and get happy!

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19 thoughts on “Vegan BBQ, it’s true, it’s true!

  1. That all sounds like a great time! I wish I lived there. I’m def going to make a trip there some time soon though- You are so lucky to have so many vegan places around you- there are practically none here in RI.

  2. do you know how lucky you are? i live in south carolina and if you even mention the word “vegan” to people they look at you like you have two heads….if we go to a pizza shop and get a veggie pizza with no cheese they ask a billion times “no cheese? NO cheeeeese???? really, no cheese? are you sure???????? did you want cheese???” its so annoying!

  3. Wow! That vegan BBQ joint sounds too good to be true! In Memphis, there are BBQ shops on every corner (we’re the self-professed BBQ capital), and though a couple offer veg option (bbq portabellas, bbq tofu nachos), most only have icky pulled pork and ribs. This place sounds soooo awesome….though I’d also be disappointed with the teensy serving of mac. I’ve have to order double on that.

  4. I think I read too many blogs by Portlanders and it’s starting to make me jealous! The baked goods at Petunia’s look delicious, I’d have had to go for one of those little pies – so cute! I like the sound of the Homegrown Smoker place too but they need to hand out more mac n cheese to the hungry vegans!

  5. how awesome on getting to go to the conference again, Amy! that rocks! oh man – vegan bbq! damn, that’s so awesome! i’m totally jealousfaced! and glorious cuppies, too! SO MUCH YUMMINESS! yay!

  6. Hello! I make the desserts for “Petunia’s Pastries” at Last Thursday-I came across your blog and was so excited to see how much you guys liked the cupcakes! Thanks so much for coming and supporting! I can’t wait to bake some more vegan treats this time around…only 2 more weeks! Make sure to stop by, thanks again! :)

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