Work in Progress…

…But actually finished! I was lucky to be selected to participate in the 60-Day Project for the incredibly super-cool-as-heck Shellyfish. The idea behind the project is to send Shel’s mom, who recently had a milestone birthday (her 60th!), a series of gifts from volunteers over 60 days. I love this idea and think it is very creative. I hope Shel’s mom is enjoying her steady flow of love from bloggers around the world. My gift goes in the mail today:


A beautiful ball of organic cotton and linen yarn (because she knits), pretty color, isn’t it?


A homemade card.


And, a few Snickerdoodles!

Hooray! Oh! And Happy Earth Day!!!!!!!!!!

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14 thoughts on “Work in Progress…

  1. Oh Amy you are the bestest ever! First, I’m blushing, second I’m the lucky one for having such a rockin’ participant as you! That yarn colour is just beautiful, she will love it.
    And the giraffes! Her favourite – such a beautiful card!
    Now, how can I negotiate some of those snickerdoodles? I know, they probably wouldn’t survive the trans-atlantic flight…dommage.
    You’re amazing, and I love you! Thanks so much for helping make my mum’s birthday celebration so special!
    And Happy Earth Day!

  2. you’re just too awesome, Amy! Shelly’s mum will for sure love your gifts! your homemade card is too cute, the snickerdoodles look super scrumptious, and i looooove the yarn (the color is beautiful)!

  3. What a gorgeous colour of yarn! I’m trying to work out hat the heck are snickerdoodles, I remember another blogger mention them too. They look good whatever they are!

  4. A thank you as tall as a giraffes neck!! What I am most amazed at is how you all seem to know what I love most, and I am not kidding. Giraffes are my favorite zoo animal. Shelly took me to the zoo when her sister and I came to visit her when she was in grad school, and I fell in love with the giraffes…I got an amazing pic of one very close to me looking straight at me. Snickerdoodles are one of my top 3 cookies! I’d love the recipe, since the original recipe is so not healthy. I may do a dish cloth with the yarn, and I have that color in my kitchen rug by the sink, how about that! I wish we had more words in our language for thank you. Love, Mamafish

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