Speedy Dinny

It was absolutely beautiful in Portland on Sunday! The temperature reached into the 80s, the sun was warm and comforting, and there was a soft, cooling breeze. I rode my bike around enjoying the freedom of the weekend. When dinnertimeĀ approached, I wasn’t in the mood to spend a lot of time preparing my meal. Luckily I had printed off a recipe Lolo from veganyumyum had posted a few weeks ago for Simple Fried Rice with Japanese Seven Spice. The only change I made was substituting Chinese Five Spice since I didn’t have Japanese Seven Spice (feel like you’re in math class anyone?). I know they contain different ingredients, but this meal was incredible anyways! It truly is fast, simple, and tasty. I halved the recipe and still have plenty left over for two more meals.


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11 thoughts on “Speedy Dinny

  1. it was soooo super nice here in rva on sunday, too! today it’s raining, but i keep thinking back to all the awesome that was yesterday! glad you had some gloriously good weather as well!

    dan & i haven’t had a stir-fry in ages, i think we’re gonna have to try out veganyumyum’s ’cause yours looks fantastical, Amy! good to know on the chinese 5 spice – we have some on hand and i think we’ll use that as well!

    p.s. – i meant to tell you, i could totally eat meals in a bowl for an entire week! you let me know when we should give it a go – sounds like a super fun & super tasty challenge! mmmmmmmmmmm! hooray!

  2. I’ve never even heard of Japanese 7-spice. I do have a container of 5-spice in the cabinet though. I should make something like this soon. It’s been far too long since I’ve found comfort in a big bowl of fried rice.

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