What’s one to do when there is a happy stash of homemade pita in the freezer and a grumbling belly waiting for dinner? Make falafel!! Last night I prepared a new kind of falafel made with sweet potatoes instead of chickpeas. The recipe is from Fat Free Vegan and it is delightfully delicious!! I halved the recipe and it made just enough for two meals. The accompanying Yogurt-Tahini Sauce is my new favorite. It has a sweet tang from the addition of ketchup, but all the richness I love from tahini – so good! 


And, a lil’ sweetness for dessert:


Tasty (well one of them was) vegan donuts from Voodoo Donut in Portland. I rode my bike over to Voodoo to satisfy a treat craving last night. Believe it or not, this was my first time visiting Voodoo. The donut on the left is a chocolate-glazed, custard-filled. The donut on the right was kind of stale, lemony (way too lemony), and dry. There was quite a selection of vegan donuts to choose from which was nice. I also tasted a regular glazed donut because apparently that’s how you tell if a place makes good donuts, you base it off their plain donuts. It was good. Fresh, sweet, donutty. Enough said. I shall let the icky lemon donut be forgotten…

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16 thoughts on “Sweetness

  1. We’re like the Wonder Tins! Sweetness Twins! We rule!
    That falafel looks so scrummy yummy delish! Well, I always think falafel looks good, and if you add sweet taters that just ups the delicious-factor.
    I’m probably blessed that I can’t get vegan donuts. As I could eat tham. And I wouldn’t stop.

  2. sadface on the stale lemony donut! but i’m glad the glazed one you tasted and the chocolate-glazed custard donuts were tasty! totally gonna have to try out susan’s sweet potato falafel, and her yogurt-tahini sauce sounds deeeelish! mmmmmmmmmmmmm!

  3. The falafel and sauce sound fantastic! Bookmarking the recipe. And donuts, mmmmm…for me even a mediocre donut is a good donut.

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