The Way of the Noodle…

…is Long and Narrow

I have no idea what that means. I came across the quote on a menu and it made me laugh something serious. It doesn’t matter, I love noodles.


This looks rather radioactive, but the colors were truly very bright! This is the Khao San Soba Noodle Bowl. The recipe is in Refresh by Ruth Tal. I adapted the recipe only slightly. My bowl includes shredded red cabbage, carrots, broccoli, cashews, and two (2!!!) sauces: a Simple Sauce (recipe in Refresh – think Braggs, garlic, lemon juice…) and a Tahini Sauce (recipe also in Refresh) with lots of chopped parsley. I really enjoyed this, even as leftovers the next day (and I usually detest leftovers).

And, check out my new stainless steel water bottle! I purchased it from Food Fight. I love them so much because they stopped selling bottled water awhile ago (something I wish all stores would do). They recently got these bottles as an eco-friendly replacement, and I am happy as heck with mine! Go Food Fight!!!


That’s it!

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12 thoughts on “The Way of the Noodle…

  1. Haha, such a funny quote. I love when people say really serious things about really goofy subjects, like noodles. Ha. Nice bottle! I have a sigg and it’s my baby!

  2. hooray for a super beautiful & ever so colorful noodle bowl (and it looks darn deeeelicious, too!)! mmmmmmmmmm! that quote totally made me chuckle when i read it, too! ahahhahaa! yay!

    your new stainless steel water bottle rocks! i have a klean kanteen, but it’s kinda plain looking & grey. sadface. i must say i’m loving your bright red food fight bottle a lot – the color is so vibrant! superw00t!!!

  3. I love my steel water bottle – I of course don’t have a cool food fight one, mine is black and white (and wet all over!) I used to feel so evil drinking out of plastic bottles – why o why are they still legal??? Grrrr…
    Your bowl looks so fresh and delicious and good grief woman two sauces? Have you god mad woman?!?!

  4. Inspiration! Hurrah! I have soba noodles, cabbage, carrots, spring onions, and other delicious bits just screaming for me to make a tasty, healthy lunch!

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