Color for Cloudy Days

Just a quick post featuring some simple and colorful meals to ward off the cloudy days :


Veggie Pizza - Homemade crust and sauce topped with mushrooms, bell pepper, spinach, olives, and some seasoned Papa G’s Tofu – Pizza is often a weekly staple and I am happy about that!


Spicy Tofu Triangles on a Bed of Lettuce – The recipe for this meal is in Vegan Express. This was served with a lemony couscous and steamed broccoli. I really enjoy the simplicity and quickness of all the recipes I have made so far from Vegan Express. It is a great cookbook to own if you have lots of busy workdays and just want a tasty, fast, delicious meal. In the summer I can appreciate the recipes even more because it will give me more time to spend outside flying my kite, riding my bike, and causing trouble.


Future tulips! Hooray for Spring! Although, it did hail twice yesterday in Portland and the snow levels dropped quite low on the mountain…

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15 thoughts on “Color for Cloudy Days

  1. lovely colorful meals! my recent pantry challenge has left me starving for vegetables… i actually ordered a salad at lunch today (and went out to lunch in this town just to eat vegetables…sad). your tulips are so close to blooming! ours have been going for about a week now. they’re so beautiful, i bet you just can’t wait!

  2. those future tulips made my smile! and your pizza ‘n tofu made my tummy happy just looking at them! yay! we have Vegan Express at home and would you believe i’ve never cooked from it before?!? i think i need to give the spicy tofu triangles a go! you guys enjoy pizza every week?!? hells yeah! i think dan & i need more pizza awesomeness in our lives! mmmmmmm!

  3. What great photos! Can’t wait till the weather clears up, but in the meantime I’m really enjoying watching all the gorgeous, over-watered flowers pop up…

    And yum to the food!

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