Chocolate Tahini Bread – This delicious loaf was a test recipe for the 500 Vegan Recipes Cookbook. I really enjoyed the soft crumb, deep chocolate flavor, and subtle notes of tahini packed into this breakfast (lunch, dinner, dessert) treat. Not only is it addictive, but it is really quite healthy! So it’s okay that I ate more than one piece in a sitting right? Right. In fact, this was also enjoyed by Tim, who hours later, still had chocolate evidence (in the form of crumbs) adhered to the corners of his mouth (unknowingly… heh, heh, heh…). There was also a trail of more crumbs leading from the kitchen to elsewhere in the apartment (which I suppose proves that this bread is a portable delight). Another bonus? It freezes well!!! I know that once this cookbook is published and out on shelves, the pages of mine will be laden with smears of ingredients. The recipes are truly that amazing.

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24 thoughts on “Chocohini

  1. yeah, i remember bookmarking this bread when celine first posted it! can’t wait for the cookbook. when’s it comin out?!

  2. This looks so delicious and rich. I’ve never eaten chocolate and tahini together, but I can only assume it’s an amazing combination!

  3. we share the same brain: I just had more than one slice of this thawed from the freezer, too. I might have had crumbs stuck to the corners of my mouth, but Chaz didn’t point it out. neither did the cats.

  4. tahini + chocolate = glorious! and then you just had to add in that it’s healthy AND freezes well! sweet jeebus, wahooooooooo! the book needs to come out SOON! i’m getting so hungry looking at all the awesome food porn and day dreaming of all these yumminesses! mmmmmmmm!

  5. Niiiice. Love it. The hubs has been pressuring me for chocolate cake. Might have to give in with some of this :)

  6. i’m feeling rather miffed that I didn’t get to make this one in time…it’s already down from the site…I think i’ll go sit in a corner and cry my eyes out now…

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