Lazy Eats

It has been windy, rainy, and chilly in Portland this past week. I don’t mind it though, I love cloudy days. But, waking up in the morning becomes very difficult when the wind is howling and rain is beating angrily against my windows. I would much prefer to keep cozy under the covers and sleep a few extra hours than go to work and do meaningless nonsense. Hmpf. By the end of the day I am a sluggish blob scooting around my office in my wheel-adorned chair. So, as you can imagine, dinner is pretty essential for me. Below are a couple of yummy meals that filled me up and re-energized me too.


It’s a sammie! The components: sprouted whole grain bread, a leftover black bean griller patty, basil-chestnut-cashew pesto, agave-dijon spread, and lots of fresh spinach. This was so incredibly delicious and quick to prepare. The pesto was the result of using up some ground nuts I had in the freezer and some organic basil from Trader Joe’s. I am really anticipating local basil at the farmers’ market, but until then, TJ’s will suffice (I suppose…). I ate this sammie with applesauce (sprinkled with cinnamon and currants, because sometimes I feel like kiddie snacks). Oh, and I snarfed down a few cookies too (the Chewy Chocolate Raspberry cookies from Veganomicon). And then, I settled down to watch The Office only to discover it wasn’t on! So here I sit, committed to keeping up my blog.


Grilled Veggies over Bulgur with Tahini-Miso Sauce: Lip-smacking tasty goodness all in one bowl. The recipe for the sauce comes from the oh-so-talented Ricki of Diet, Dessert and Dogs. She is the queen of sauces (and many other amazing recipes, go visit her newly updated website!!!). I have acquired quite an addiction to this particular sauce; it makes a lovely salad dressing too. The bowl above had grilled onions, broccoli, and red bell peppers as the veggies. I might be making this a weekly staple, who knows?

And finally, not a meal, but a sweet lil’ friend who lives with Tim and I. Her name is Talulah and she keeps our many (many) plants company. My good friend Tait (thanks so much Tait!!) gave her to us a present and we love her very much.


Cute as heck, right? She has a suction cup on her abdomen and when you put her on a flat surface, she will sproing all over the place. She’s pretty fun. I think she is supposed to be a spider (yipes!) but she only has four legs… Say “Hello Talulah”!

That’s it for now.

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22 thoughts on “Lazy Eats

  1. OH NO, the office wasn’t on tonight?! i was so looking forward to watching while i did the elliptical tomorrow. :(

    your food and pictures are beautiful quality!

  2. Ii have the same reaction to rainy, drab weather (such as we’re having here in TO right now). So glad you like the sauce! I think I developed a little addiction to it, too. And Talulah is, indeed, very cute. . . and believe me, I rarely say such things about spiders, real or not! ;)

  3. Your lazy eats are way more nutritious and beautiful than anything I slop out! The sandwich looks really good. And Talulah is cute! What’s not to love about a four-legged purple spider thing?

  4. Both the sandwich and veggie bowl sound freakin delicious! You’re making me hungry.

    If you like cloudy, rainy days then you belong here in Charlotte right now. That’s the kind of weather we’ve been having for weeks now. Bleh.

  5. The april showers came right on time here, too. It really is hard to get out of bed while it’s so dark out. Your grilled veggie bowl looks just like something I’m craving today, and that is the cutest purple spider (?)!!

  6. awww – Talulah is just the cutest! i love her the most!

    i wouldn’t want to make much of anything at all with all that crazy rain. boo! but i do love a good cloudy day – just not angry rain!!! thank goodness for tasty ‘n simple eats – i love ‘em the most!

    your sammie looks especially deeeeelicious! and your veggie ‘n bulghur bowl with some of Ricki’s tahini-miso sauce looks oh-so gloriously good! i see more and more of her tahini-miso sauce in my future! man, it’s addictively goooood! i never would have thought to add in both currants and cinnamon to applesauce. i always forget about currants, and i need not too..

    oh yes, and i think that basil-chestnut-cashew pesto sounds divine! i’ve gotta try something like that! hooray!

  7. Hello Friend,

    We’re getting some Portland weather here as well, but with some added snow. It’s spring, right? But my toes were very happy to receive your lovely gift.

    That sandwich looks tasty. I looking forward to basil as well.

  8. Hi there!

    I just discovered your AWESOME blog and looove your writing style and those gorgeous food photos! I was born in Portland, oregon (but ended up growing up in Asia and have never been back since!) so i think it’s so cool that you live there!!! I can’t wait to read more about your eats…i’m playing around with the thought of going vegan…at least for a couple weeks to try it out, so I’m lookin’ for ideas and inspiration, which I’m definitely getting from your blog! Thanks!!

    P.s. If you’re at all interested in granola, I’m hosting a giveaway for Zoe’s granola (2 boxes of your choice!!) so please come visit me!

  9. I was sad about the office too! But I think I’d feel better if I had a bowl of grilled veggies like that for dinner. :) Yum. And tahini makes everything awesome.

  10. Those grillers are da bomb, and I wish I had one right now.
    I hate the windy wind.
    Your bowl is making me wish for broccoli so so much, and that tahini sauce is also one of my new favourites;
    Can Talulah come out and play?

  11. oh, it’s so hard to get out of bed when the weather is nasty…

    your sandwich sounds amazing! i am going to try the pesto asap.

    cutest thing ever!!

  12. after spending several weekends in scranton, i can attest that it truly is as “the office” portrays! true fact: they had an “the office” parade and festival day in ’08, yet none of the cast attended, hmmm! they had fashion shows with the attire from the cast and tours of real life sites they use in the show. again, no cast members were there..i think we all know why!

  13. I never want to get out of bed when it is windy or rainy myself.

    That black bean sammie looks fantastic. I am definitely making black bean burgers for dinner tomorrow night, I’ve seen too many good looking black bean patties not to!

    I love Talulah. I bet she keeps very good watch over the plants!

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