Stuff on My Plate

It’s been awhile, huh? I have no excuses… Here are some photos of tasty foods to make up for the absense:


Homemade Avocado Spring Rolls, a test recipe for the 500 Vegan Recipes Cookbook. These rolls were incredibly delicious and simple to prepare. They are full of veggies too! I had never worked with rice paper before and now I am addicted. Tim and I enjoyed these (way, way too many) with the Peanut Passion Sauce from Eat, Drink & Be Vegan. It was a perfect combination.


Close up – take a nice long peek!


Black Bean Grillers, another test recipe. These burgers mix up quickly and keep their shape when grilling and eating. They are loaded with protein so you may need to hide in a corner as digestion comes to a close… The recipe makes six hearty burgers and they freeze well. They are supposed to be topped with BBQ sauce, but I was out of that beloved condiment. What?! 


Off the test recipes and onto crafty creations with the food dehydrator: homemade pear roll-ups!!! These are simply a mixture of chopped pears (peeled), agave nectar, cinnamon, and a squeeze of lime juice pureed in the food processor. The puree is then spread on a special sheet and placed in a food dehydrator. In about six hours, you have pear roll-ups!! We made some with kiwis too, but they were a bit tart. I am tip-toe excited for fruit picking season in Oregon because I am going to be making loads and loads of dried fruits, roll-ups and snacks. I imagine dropping hand-picked dried strawberries into granola…


Cauliflower-based alfredo sauce over whole wheat spaghetti with broccoli and spinach. The sauce recipe is here. I have made this many times and I love the versatility. You can add whatever veggies you want, use whatever pasta you want, and it still tastes yummy. I think it would be nice drizzled over baked potatoes. Next time perhaps!


Walnut and Currant Veganzola Balls – one more test recipe! The combination of ingredients in this recipe provides lovely textures, sweetness, smokiness, and savoryness (it’s not a word, but it ought to be). I have eaten bits of these balls spread on crackers, crumbled over salad, and in sammies. They are huge (think baseball size) and fun to shape. I think these would be great for a potluck or fancy gathering.


Here is Tim making curry on a recent snowshoeing trip! Well actually, it’s leftover curry being reheated, but it doesn’t matter! This was such a warming lunch, especially when it started snowing as soon as we sat down.




And lastly, a beautiful Amaryllis bloom! My sister gave Tim and I an Amaryllis bulb for Christmas and we nurtured it with lots of love. The blooms have since withered. Do you see all that pretty yellow pollen settled on the petals? It gave me allergies! I have never had allergies before. In fact, I used to tease Tim during his worst allergy episodes. Now, I have them too, since February! It was always my understanding that you were born with allergies, but that is not the case I guess. My sneezes are so frightening they literally lift my feet off the ground. Sigh… I acquired these allergies right after my 32nd birthday – just goes to show old age and Amy don’t mix so nicely…

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25 thoughts on “Stuff on My Plate

  1. Wow, so much deliciousness in one post! Your pear rolls look delicious- I love dehydrator treats like that, and the spring rolls look so fresh and springy!

  2. Oh wow! I wish I had a dehydrator. Those pear roll ups look awesome.

    Your tester recipes always look so beautiful, they should be included in the book.

  3. That is a lot of tasty looking food. All the tester stuff looks amazing and roll ups sound great too. You’ve made me wish I had a dehydrater so I could put dried strawbs in granola too!!

  4. What a beautiful array of veggie fun! Those balls look great. Definately would love to have those at my next party.

  5. I think that cheeze ball recipe is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I’ve always loved cheese balls, but haven’t seen a vegan sub. Is that in Celine and Joni’s book? Oh, I can’t wait!

    And the fruit roll-up is pretty nifty too! I miss those chemical-laden, sugary fruit roll-ups from when I was a kid….but this looks way super healthier.

  6. EVERYTHING in this post looks amazing.
    The spring rolls are so fresh and perfect for spring.
    The burgers are mouthwatering.
    The rolls ups make me need to get a dehydrator.
    The cheeze balls are just plain amazing.
    And that flower is gorgeous! =)

  7. Everything looks delicious, I could dive into that plate of pasta and broccoli. The picture of your flower is beautiful too!

  8. the amaryllis bloom is so beautiful! absolutely stunning! and that’s crazy that you developed allergies just recently! i’ve never had them either – and i hope i don’t get any! eek!

    the avocado rolls look amazing – and the grillers look perfect, too! yummers! and you are too awesome in making homemade pear roll-ups! oooh, i NEED a dehydrator! (and i am totally imagining how super stellar hand-picked dried strawberries would be!) i can see kiwis being a bit tart! did you know you can eat the peel on kiwis?! i just found this out the other day! i had no idea!

    a delicious warm curry enjoyed in the snow after some serious snowshoeing sounds glorious! mmmmmmmmm!

    might i also add that the veganzola balls have really got my attention! i’m a huge fan of both walnuts & currants! i can’t wait for the cookbook to come out! oooh my gosh – yay!

  9. Oh wow, I almost just dived into my computer screen as soon as I saw those rice papaer rolls. They are so good! And quite easy to make. My favorite this to fill them with is with carrots, bean sprouts, cucumber, smoked tofu, cilantro and a sauce made out of basil, mint, lime juice, mustard and brown sugar. Nom.
    And those veganzola balls look intriguing. Something I would definately try.

  10. Wow. You had me at “cauliflower-based alfredo sauce”! And I don’t know if those roll-ups will compel me to buy a food dehydrator, but they do look tasty and easy. Ah, how I wish I could be a cookbook tester!

  11. you make me want to splurge and get a de-HI!-drator.
    you’re plagued with allergies, too? my body can’t even support my head anymore at this point, so I feel for you.

  12. whoa! i’ll start at the bottom and go up: i have developed allergies this year as well! my eyes are itchy! all. the. time. i used to make fun of michael’s sneezies in the spring as well…karma got us, amy. curry in the snow! at first i was going to be super amazed that you guys actually made a curry in the midst of that snowiness, haha… reheating it is just as good though! cheeze balls. yurm. i so cannot wait until that book comes out. your fruit rolls sound awesome as well. i sort of miss fruit rollups, but not all the crap that’s in them. yours sound fresh and with way better flavors. bean burgers – yum, of course. and avocado rolls w/peanut sauce! sounds delicious. working with rice paper is fun, isn’t it?

  13. Your dish is so perdy!!!

    You’ve been a testing fool! Right on!!!! I have some serious catching up to do!

    I really want a dehydrator!! I wanna make fruit roll-ups, too! And can I just say I think it’s so cool that you guys eat such yummy food on your outings! Righ freaking on!

  14. You take such beautiful photos. My mouth is watering over your black bean burgers, and I had to laugh at your digestion comment – point well taken though. ;-)

    And the fruit roll ups, oh my goodness! Now I really can’t wait until summer, we have a dehydrator, and I feel some strawberry fruit rolls coming on!

  15. Your spring rolls… are like spring and summer on a plate. I know, I know, it sounds cheesy… but they’re so fresh! So vibrant! Full of refreshing, light, creamy flavours. Beautiful pictures!!

  16. Yum, everything looks amazing! But especially those pear roll-ups, those are my favorite “junk” food, but it would be so cool to make them at home. The burgers are also making my mouth water…

  17. Those black bean grillers look sooo good!

    And that snowshoeing trip looked like fun, too! Something about the colors of the food contrasted against the white of the snow makes the curry look even more delicious…

    PS Sorry about the allergies – I don’t have any (so far anyway!) – but I do sympathize.

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