Tahinitoo Turns One!

Exactly one year ago I started this website (formerly Vegan Addict) with the intention of promoting veganism through food, craft, and adventure. I will admit, I used to scoff at the thought of maintaining and reading blogs. Now that I am immersed in a community of like-minded folks sharing recipes, photos, and perspectives on veganism, I can’t imagine why I had been so close-minded! I am forever printing out recipes, bookmarking links, and checking for new posts on my favorite blogs. It’s mighty addictive, but I would happily debate that it is a healthy addiction. Veganism is such an integral part of my life and I hope to continue Tahinitoo well into my elder years (as long as I can keep up with technology). As a rather reclusive individual, blogging has helped me feel more connected with other people, minus the anxieties of social interaction. Hooray for that! Anyways, this is simply a quick “Thank You!” to my readers. Ooooh, that’s way too mushy, but whatever. Go eat some pancakes.


Chocolate Chocolate Chip Pancakes – a tester for 500 Vegan Recipes – Crazy sweet, fluffy, chocolatey, and yummy. This photo was snapped before I drizzled some pure Ohio maple syrup on top (thank you Tim’s mom!!!!!).

And, speaking of chocolate, you can enter to win an entire case of Jocalat Bars over at Chocolate Covered Katie. What’s keeping you?!!

My next post will feature reviews on some of my most favorite vegan health/beauty products! Yay!

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26 thoughts on “Tahinitoo Turns One!

  1. I’m glad you get something positive from blogging. I know how you feel, I can relate to bloggers better than I can other people. (Plus, my fellow bloggers are much cooler than the people I know in real life!)

    Your pancakes look fabulous. I wish I could eat chocolate for breakfast.

  2. Yay for Birthdays! Your blog has a fun one with St.Patty’s Day and all. Chocolate/Chocolate Chip/Chocolate Chocolate Chip pancakes are amazing!


  3. happy birthday, Tahinitoo! i think it’s super stellar that we both started our blogs around the exact same time, Amy! wahoooooo! i was in the same boat as you – never thought i’d have a blog, but look at us vegan bloggers now! doublew00t!

    i truly enjoy your blog, Amy – and i hope it’s here for a looooong time as well! i love all the craftiness you share with us, the glorious food porn that makes me drool, reading about your fun adventures with Tim, restaurant reviews, and rock’n recipes, too! Tahinitoo = my fav and i just want ya to know! superhappyface!

    (now i really want some pancakes! we haven’t had any in months! i may have to fix this! breakfast for dinner just might be in order some night soon! mmmmmmmmmmm!)

  4. Happy blog birthday! The blog world is such a fabulous place, it also brings me joy.

    Loving those pancakes too, by the way!

  5. Already a year? Congrats! I really enjoy reading your blog and your pictures are always amazing. Like those pancakes. Here’s to many more years.

  6. happy bloggaversary!

    I’m the same, never thought I’d start a blog let alone make it to a year!

    Oh and those pancakes look amazing!

  7. I’m so so so happy that you’re a blogging Tahini-addict!! I’ve loved meeting you through your blog, and here’s to many more years of vegan activism & recipes!
    Those pancakes look amazing! Thought I should mention that!

  8. Happy blog birthday!!!! And I feel ya on scoffing. I used to think blogs were nerdy (and I felt the same way about Myspace and Facebook and anything that kept one on the internet for longer than 20 minutes). But I’ve embraced my inner nerd! And I’m glad you did too!

  9. happy bloggy birthday! and thank YOU for having such an awesome blog for us to read. if it wasn’t for you, i’d never have known how to opt out of plastic produce bags. seriously.

    and omg, those pancakes. seriously, again.

  10. Congrats on the ‘versary. I’ve enjoyed following your blog, and will continue to do so. Man, those pancakes look incredible!

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