Eating it Up in Seattle

Over the weekend, Tim and I drove up to Seattle to visit with his parents who were there for a conference. We managed to eat plenty of delicious vegan food (treats included!) while we were there. I was only able to snap photos from two of the places we visited because I forgot my camera the first night we went out for dinner. But, I can tell you with confidence that the photoless meal was the best one from the bunch (read review below)!

First up:

We ate at a place called Cafe Flora. The atmosphere alone had me wishing I could eat all my meals there while in Seattle. The restaurant has two dining areas, one was pretty normal, and the second was a large indoor patio with an atrium. The room had tons of plants surrounding the tables and lining the walls, a waterfall in the center, and huge floor to ceiling windows on two sides. It was incredibly relaxing. I felt like I was amidst a rainforest garden, there was a ferny plant draping gently above my chair (but not touching my head) and small candle filled vases on the tables. This is a spendy place to eat, but the food is amazing (perfect portions, clever combinations of ingredients, lovely textures) and the staff is very friendly and attentive.

I had the Hazelnut Mushroom Farro and a Sweet Potato and Tahini Soup (tahini in my soup!!!) with a sweet chile sauce drizzled on top. Tim chose the Tamale Timbale and Fried Avocado, and his mom chose the Sweet Potato Ginger Ravioli. We sampled from each other’s plates and enjoyed every last bite. They even had house-made ginger ale (the best I’ve ever tasted) and rhubarb soda! Nice, huh? For dessert, we shared the Citrus Cheesecake Tart. It was pretty fantastic. For a closer look at their dinner menu, click here. I definitely recommend a visit to Cafe Flora if you are ever in Seattle. You won’t be disappointed.

Next up:

The following day, we went to Mighty O for donuts of course! I’ve posted numerous times about my love for these fine treats, so there are no pictures of donuts this time. We ate some donuts and then walked down the hill for a three mile walk around nearby Green Lake. That’s the perfect way to walk off lots of tasty donuts!

After spending some time at the Pacific Science Center, we drove over to the Wayward Cafe for lunch. This little cafe provided some cozy shelter from the icy rain and snow that was falling outside. Here are some photos of our food:


My Nut and Mushroomy cutlets (I don’t remember what this was really called) in Gravy with a salad


Tim’s mom’s BBQ Seitan with a salad


Tim’s Vegan Reuben and Home Fries

The Wayward Cafe prepares some serious comfort food (all vegan), and it’s tasty! Our food disappeared off of our plates before we knew it and kept us overly full until dinner.

Dinner? Yeah!


We went with Tim’s parents to Vegan Garden for dinner later that evening. The family-owned (I am assuming because we had several different folks bringing us food, taking our orders, and keeping us happy) restaurant has a menu loaded with choices, and it was very difficult to choose! We started with Wonton Soup and Summer Rolls (Rice paper salad rolls with herbs, noodles and tofu, served with peanut sauce), both of which were spot on. For our entrees:


Stir-Fry Tofu with Broccoli, Carrots, and Mushrooms


General Tso’s “Chicken”

We also ordered Cashew “Chicken” and a curry meal. All of our choices were delicious. The veggies were tender-crisp and the food wasn’t too salty or oily. We had a nice pot of brown rice to accompany everything as well. Tim and I each had coconut juice to drink (which had slices of fresh coconut in the glass!) and his dad couldn’t stop raving about his fresh lime soda! Of course, we had dessert too, because that’s what you do when you’ve already eaten past your limit.


Chocolate Mint Ice cream!!!

I really enjoyed Vegan Garden. The people are so kind, polite, and genuinely committed to veganism. Tim and I will visit again if we find ourselves in Seattle.

Overall, our trip was plenty of fun. We saw some much-needed sunshine, explored the city a bit, visited the library downtown (which is the coolest library I have ever seen – amazing architecture), had plenty of tasty food, and spent time with Tim’s parents. Even though Seattle isn’t far from Portland, it sure was nice to escape for the weekend!

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21 thoughts on “Eating it Up in Seattle

  1. Chocolate mint ice cream! Oh yeah! And I love what you said about dessert — it does always seem so appealing when you’re already eaten more than your fair share! I think it’s the, “Oh well, screw it! A little more indulgence won’t hurt because I’ve already done major damage!” mindset.

    Tim’s vegan Reuben looks awwwesome. And yay for Mighty-O! And vegan Asian food is always welcome.

  2. I am consistently envious of the vegan food people find on their travels! Finding it in the US is hard enough, even here in Massachusetts. And you’ll be hard-pressed to find legitimate vegetarian, let alone vegan, food in Asia.

  3. what a fun-filled trip to visit Tim’s parents! that’s awesome! looks like your weekend was filled with lots of yummies! mmmmmm! your description of Flora makes me feel like i was right there with you guys! the whole meal sounded awesome! house-made ginger ale and rhubarb soda = most fantastical!

    vegan donuts make me drool just hearing about them. i haven’t had a donut since going vegan. but some day i will! i should really just buy a donut pan and make some! oooooh, that would be so much fun!

    both the Wayard Cafe & Vegan Garden sound like they offer tons of deliciousness! i would have had a hard time choosing from all the great options, too! looks like you all picked out the most scrumptious items on the menu though! hooray!

    i’d love to visit both Seattle & Portland – just like vegan donuts – some day it’ll happen! excitedface!

  4. That sounds like such a fun trip! I’m with Virginia – I’m jealous! I haven’t had a donut in so long…which my arteries are probably happy about, but still! And Tahini soup? This requires further investigation, because I want to have me some of that! I thought of you today at lunch, because when I opened my tahini jar I realized it’s nearly gone! Catastrophe!!

  5. Hey, thanks for the cupcake! I suppose a digital one will do. :-) But if I ever see you in person, I want a real one! I’ll even trade!

    There’s a great vegan Boston Cream Pie recipe in Sinfully Vegan. Well, I say it’s great, but I haven’t tried it. It looks great, though.

    And all the Wayward Cafe eats are makin’ my tummy growl….grrr…

  6. looks/sounds like you had so much fun and SO many good eats in seattle! i really must go there one day… i’ve always wanted to, but never really had the means. you’re lucky to live so close :)

  7. many think you should become the official vegan food review! email me back bot, i can’t seem to catch your attention!

  8. I haven’t been to Cafe Flora or Vegan Garden yet. There’s just too many yummy vegan places to choose from! I’ve been meaning to try both of those places, and now I’ll definitely have too! All your food looks fab!

    And I totally agree about Mighty O’s and Wayward. Both are excellent!

  9. Oh, I LOVE Cafe Flora. If you ever have a chance to have breakfast there, you MUST go. They have these vegan apple cinnamon rolls with glaze that are incredible and I have never had a better tofu scramble, they take it to a whole new level as an art form.

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