Good Food & Friend(s)

Last week was very busy for me (at work and just in general). My good friend (and former Portlander) was visiting and that meant meeting up for some tasty food! Our plan was to eat at Portobello Trattoria, the vegan Italian Restaurant that opened in January (you can read my review about my visit there on it’s opening night, here). However, upon reaching the doorstep, a handwritten note taped to the window changed our plans. Unfortunately, the restaurant was closed that evening due to an unforeseen kitchen misfortune. We were pretty sad (I must be bad luck or something). We decided to dine at Bye and Bye instead, a vegan bar that serves filling, simple foods (and drinks for folks who like that sort of nonsense). Despite the extremely dark interior and super low chairs (I had to sit on my foot in order to chat and eat comfortably with my friend and Tim), we enjoyed ourselves. Our food was prepared and brought to our table in less than 15 minutes and the folks working there were friendly. Here is what we ate:


The Eastern Bowl: brown rice, broccoli, and tofu in a spicy peanut sauce; nothing fancy, but delicious nonetheless


BBQ Bowl: brown rice, barbecued tofu, and roasted Brussels sprouts; again, very simple, but I ate half a Brussels sprout (!!!) and I usually avoid those crazy green balls of ick (obviously this was Tim’s meal)


Grilled Cheese Sammie (with avocado and tomato): my friend chose this and she said it was tasty, plus her meal came with chips and salsa, and a pickle!

Oh! I had a crazy spicy ginger ale (with and equally crazy name):


This was very gingery and refreshing.

After our dinner, we headed over to Sweetpea for dessert and warm beverages (no pictures). Yummy. Hey friend, thanks for visiting with me, I had fun!!!

Over the weekend, Tim and I ate some mighty fine food. Here is a small sampling:


Grilled pizzas with mushrooms, bell peppers, spinach, and cashew cheeze sprinkles


Mushroom Barley Soup (recipe from The Candle Cafe cookbook) and Dijon Thyme Bread (a test recipe for Celine and Joni’s upcoming awesome-as-ever cookbook)

I also went to a potluck on Thursday with some people from my knitting group, but I didn’t take pictures. We had lots of treats (blondies, cupcakes and cookies) and some healthy foods (leek and bean cassoulet and kale with beans and veggies) too. I was hoping to make some serious progress on my wormy/snake, but we didn’t knit much. Oh well, next time!

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21 thoughts on “Good Food & Friend(s)

  1. Yippie for visits from friends! I think that food all looks amazing – I miss big ole pickles with sammies! Every time you use that smiling whale bowl I get all happy inside – it’s so cute!

  2. knitting + potluck = the best! i used to go to knit nights here in richmond and we wouldn’t get very much knitting done either – there’s just too much fun to be had and people to catch up with! superw00t!

    your pizza looks most deeelicious – and i’m love’n the tasty mushroom barley soup. mmmmmm! think i might have to ask for the candle cafe cookbook as a gift for my birthday or something – i’ve head good things about it. the dijon-thyme bread sounds like the perfect accompaniment!

    sadface on the Portobello Trattoria be’n closed. but it sounds like you guys had some serious yummies at Bye & Bye. totally laughed out loud at the name of that ginger ale! ahahahahaaa! too funny! gonna have to keep on eye out for that one. i love me some gingery pop! the eastern bowl and the bbq tofu has me craving some – and nice job on trying out a brussel sprout. they’re my favorite veggie of all time! i love to roast them and then drizzle some balsamic vinegar reduction on ‘em and agave and toss them with some toasted walnuts. soo super yummers! mmmmmmmmm! that sounds so good i may have to make them soon! ahahhaaa!

    hooray for a rock’n weekend, Amy! wahooooooooo!

  3. Great food and great friends!! It was so good to see the both of you. I was a little sad that I had to leave. Especially since I have to go back to work and it’s 15 degrees in Madison.

    I must say I am craving a spoonful of peanut butter right now!

  4. Great looking eats–I’d kill for a BBQ tofu & brussels bowl right now (but I love brussels, so that’d be why). Hooray for you eating one! And that soup looks delish too. Perfect way to warm up!

  5. Hahaha, I totally agree with your “nonsense” comment, but to each his own, I guess! Oh my goodness, the vegan bar meals look so so wonderful. Yay for simplicity!

    I want me a piece of cashew cheeze sprinkled pizza now, thanks.

  6. the meals look awesome, i wish we had restaurants that did great vegan food here!

    I used to hate brussells but i’ve grown to love them since I tried them roasted.

  7. I ditto on the roasted! They’re amazing this way!

    And mmm… not enough spicy peanut sauce… definitely what’s missing in my life… dinner’s going to be simply delicious and peanuty…

  8. I’ve been trying to recreate all these scrumptious vegetarian bowls in my own kitchen with little success. I think the secret is in the sauce because it seems like the only thing they will never divulge… but it won’t stop me from trying!

  9. That BBQ bowl looks simply heavenly; roasted brussels are one of my favorites. Your grilled pizza looks amazing, too- I’ve been dying for pizza lately, I need to use up my teese! And the mushroom barley soup looks so comforting, I just may have to pick myself up a copy of that book!

  10. Too bad about the restaurant being closed, but your meal from Bye and Bye looks like it was worth it. The pizza looks good too, I never had cashew cheeze before.

  11. I really like the look of that Eastern Bowl. I get the feeling that if I lived around a restaurant like Bye & Bye I’d be there far too often.

    Your pizza looks delicious! I’ve always wanted to try grilling pizza.

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